By: Exclusive Alarms  09-12-2011
Keywords: alarm, Alarm Response, Monitoring Station

When your alarm is set off, a signal is received at the monitoring station within seconds. Our highly specialized technicians will be notified and appropriate action will be taken. Emergency response can be at your door within minutes. The monitoring station will also keep in close contact with you until emergency personnel reaches your home or business.

  • Emergency Alarm Response

  • fast and reliable response to any emergency that you, your family, or business may encounter. When help is needed, our monitoring stations will dispatch police, paramedics, fire department, or medical personnel to your home or business.

  • Low Battery Identification

  • for when your battery power runs low. Our monitoring station will be alerted and an alarm technician will see to it that the battery be replaced.

  • Equipment monitoring

  • for any anomalies which may arise in any of your equipment. Any sign of equipment malfunctions will be detected and repaired.

  • Guard Service

  • will respond to an alarm on your behalf. They quickly arrive to your home or business and will patrol the area until it is certain that there is no emergency. If there is an emergency, they will immediately call appropriate authority. Guard service is an affordable solution to make sure your home and business are being looked after around the clock.

    Keywords: alarm, Alarm Response, Monitoring Station

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    Business Protection

    Can trigger response through both a local alarm for evacuation purposes and through a manned Alarm Control Centre where the nature of the emergency can be relayed to your local fire department. High resolution colour cameras by day/infra-red at night will ensure the highest quality for police identification. Are available in any number of configurations to provide surveillance and protection for any type of business.



    We strive to keep your business safe and give you peace of mind Exclusive Alarms offers a full range of products to provide any business. With over 30 years of experience, we know the perfect alarm to give the best protection while still offering affordable pricing. We have highly trained technicians to help you get the alarm system that best suites you and your family.


    Home Protection

    Trouble signals regarding refrigeration, power failure, sprinklers, water or gas leakage and temperature control are then relayed back to the Alarm Control Centre. Real time information and images which you can access on the web anytime and anywhere you have high speed internet access. Ultrasonic or microwave technology “pointed” across open spaces within buildings to detect the movement of intruders.