Intruders detection by Video analytics

By: Evitech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Intelligent Analysis, Video Sensor,

The Video analytics  software (EAGLE, JAGUAR) detects at real time and continuously all kinds of moves, and allows to set alarm areas, to detect intruders efficiently, even in difficult environments. These alarm areas can be of any shape, and associated conditions can be of any kind, thus allowing to create an infinite range of combinations. The software ensures excellent detection, possibly from one pixel targets, even at night, by fog, etc.. It allows the detection of threats when they are still very far from the camera.

When the distance from one camera to the next is close enough to see human targets as 6 pixels at least, the software guarantees a false alarm rate of less than 2 per

With good quality color cameras, down to 2 lux of brightness (like full moon), we have demonstrated detection and image enhancing abilities that allow savings on infra-red camera cost on installations, even with low lighting, or no lighting at all in town and in the suburbs.

In order to limit false alarms, we provide solutions for cases such as :

  • wandering animals,
  • regular patrolling guards and dogs,
  • grille letting car lights light up the sensitive site,
  • alarms when somebody stops near the fence, and not if the person is just passing by,
  • crawling person, possibly under painted cartons ..

Intrusion problems are at the heart of our software security capabilities, we are used to study all the difficult cases, possibly with our integrators :   don't hesitate to contact us !

The smart video sensor connects any kind of image data (BNC, IP, WIFI, DSL, Firewire, ..), uncompresses all formats (PAL/SECAM, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, ..) and offers an intelligent analysis of images, resistant to any kind of outdoor conditions, for sensistive sites protection applications : intrusion detection, abnormal behaviour, abandoned object, .. It sends alarm messages through IP messages, dry contactors, e-mails, SMS or MMS via GSM/GPRS/UMTS ..

Keywords: Intelligent Analysis, Video Sensor,

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Video analytics of goods stocks images outdoor

There are situations where valuable goods are stored outside a building, in an enclosure, or a garden, and where one wants to be warned of move or disappearing of such objects, without ringing bells anytime when a move happens in the neigborhood. Draw a zone around your stock on the evening and create a suitable alarm, and you will be warned any time an object is moved or taken, without being disturbed by false alarms when moves occur around.


Pour la protection et la surveillance des sites sensibles, EVITECH est spécialisée dans l'analyse intelligente de la vidéo (analy

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