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By: Everything Eggs  09-12-2011
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I’m giving away two copies of ”Grade A” Family Favourites. This cookbook is a collection of favourite egg recipes from Ontario egg and pullet farmers. (Pullet farmers raise the young hens who become egg-laying hens!)

Along with recipes from our farmers (folks who know a lot about eggs!), “Grade A” Family Favourites also contains a picture and a paragraph or two about each farm family.

Seems these days lots of us want to know more about where our food comes from, and who are the people producing it. This cookbook is a wonderful way to learn about the farmers who provide eggs for us at grocery stores and farmer’s markets in Ontario, and how they like to eat the very food they produce.

Recipes in the cookbook range from appetizers to desserts. In addition to the recipes, there are cooking tips and other helpful information about eggs sprinkled throughout.

There are many great recipes in “Grade A” Family Favourites. Here’s a seasonal one that uses asparagus. It’s from the Secours family in Bainsville.

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Keywords: Eggs, Recipes

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Dianne loves talking to people about eggs and egg farming, and she volunteers her time when Egg Farmers of Ontario or the farmers in her local area set up displays at agricultural fairs and community events. Most days she’s busy on her farm, looking after her hens, and collecting and grading eggs. Dianne McComb is an egg farmer from Lucan.