By: Events Unfolded  09-12-2011


You just need some help finding the perfect venue, finding a great theme, or just getting started. Have a consultation with a coordinator. A consultation is a great way to get help and information for little time and money. Especially if you just don’t know where to begin or even what to budget for.

Consultations are by the hour and are recommended at any point during your planning process. Consultation prices start at $125 for the first hour and $50 for every hour afterwards.

Full Event Coordination

You want your wedding or event to be perfect, and you want to leave it to a professional. Full event coordination involves all aspects of planning the event. You are still actively involved in all the decisions, but a coordinator will help to narrow decisions for you and refine all the details to tailor the event to exactly what you desire.

Full Event Coordination rates are based on 15% of the overall event budget with a minimum charge of $1200. This will be established in the contract.

Day-Of Coordination

You want the day or event to run smoothly and you don’t want to be running around making sure that everything is on schedule and vendors have arrived. Hire a coordinator for the day and you’ll leave the stress at home. A day-of coordination involves meeting with you before the big event and making sure that a schedule is worked out, contacts are notified, and you are left to enjoy the event.

Coordination rates begin at $650 for the day for events with guests up to 200 people. For events that have more than 200 in attendance then the rate will increase to $100 more for every 100 extra guests.

Event Design

You want your event to look perfect, right down to the most subtle details. The coordinator can help you design the perfect décor from the decorations, to the centerpieces, to the chair covers. The coordinator will even help to set up the event to make sure that it looks exactly the way you have planned it.

Event Design rate starts at $300 for full décor design and increases depending on the size of event and amount of decor involved.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011