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ZARINEX (Polyester Glitters)
ZARINEX Glitters are produced with Mirror finished polyester, metalised film, epoxy coated, solvent and water resistant colors. All technical specifications are available with MSDS (material safety data sheet) and protocol of analysis Remember that all that glitters is not gold. ZARINEX Glitters are of top quality in the world. Our glitters are not gold but diamonds in reflection.

Applications List for Polyester Glitter Epoxy Coated
1) Boating and other Fiberglass or Gelcoat applications: Boats, Carnival Ride Cars, Pre-fab Domes for Churches
2) Makeup (Cosmetics): Nail Polish, Body Creams and Lotions, Hairspray
3) Finger Paints (Coated silver)
4) Fabric adhesives for decorating clothing, (permanent) clothing, sneakers
5) T-Shirts, (silk screened) mixed with Plastisol (0.008 is the most popular size)
6) Clown makeup (for Costume companies and Halloween)
7) Christmas ornaments and decorations
8) Clear adhesives (for children's use, can be washed off)
9) Glitter pens (mixed with adhesive)
10) Floral decorations (Artificial, Dry, Live)
11) Fishing Lures
12) Crayons
13) Ceramics (after firing)
14) Inks and Paints
15) Rubber stamp kits
16) Fabric printing (Flocking)
17) Hair gels
18) Candle decorating
19) Flooring
20) Wallpaper
21) Posters and displays
22) Inside balloons
23) Greeting cards
24) For Christmas and all Decoration purposes.PLASTOSCENTS(PVC Glitters)
PVC glitters for decorations are manufactured in various iridescent, metallic, transparent and colored effects from sizes of 0.15 Hex and upwards, under our trade name PEVENEX with essentially the same colors as ZARINEX. The PEVENEX will be available only in the following sizes, i.e., 0.15, 0.25 and 0.40 of various thickneses. As they are made with PVC metalized rainbow film, therefore the color will not be solvent resistant. These PVC glitters are used only for decoration where a high durability is not a major concern. They are neither solvent or heat resistant. Kindly contact us for more information.

Applications List for PVC Glitter
1) School Art projects
2) Glitter hats
3) Parade floats
4) Costumes
5) Theater sets
6) Party decorations/Temporary decorations
7) Floral designs
8) Children's Craft kits
9) Signs (Indoors)
10) Store Window Displays and Decorations
11) Applied on Glass pictures/mirrors
12) Walls and ceilings (Blown on when the paint is wet)
13) Sand art
14) Decorating shoes
15) Christmas ornaments

ALUNEX ( Aluminium Glitters)
These are basically 99.9% Aluminium Glitters. They are available only in Silver, Gold and Black colors.

Keywords: christmas ornaments, Gold