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By: Eurocerob  09-12-2011
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Service Eurocerob

I can give you honest, specific advice for your project. What’s more, I can guide you in choosing the
right materials and in making any necessary changes so that the final result doesn’t fall apart after
just a few years. WHEN SHOULD YOU EUROCEROB?
This is very important because timing is everything. Usually, the best time is during the initial project
planning phase, once you have the designer or architect plans. We will be able to study the plans
together and make any necessary adjustments or changes.
Another critical time is the installation phase, particularly if you encounter problems or if the work-in-
progress does not comply with the plans. We can advise you on the best course of action for obtaining
a good result, including any necessary changes.The worst time to call me is when the job is practically finished and you have doubts, unanswered
questions or only partial satisfaction. (Incredibly, 40% of people fall into this category.) At this late
stage, the only course of action is usually to redo the work, which is both expensive and time-consuming.


Every project is unique in terms of planning, layout, realization and finalization. A proper assess-
ment of the job at hand enables us to assemble the most qualified team of experts for your partic-
ular project, in order to ensure a quality, professional installation which in some cases can last beyond
the client’s lifetime.PLANNING
Usually done by architects or designers, and sometimes by the clients themselves. EuroCerob
offers consultation, measurement-taking, and drawing of plans for slab work or shop produc-
tion.The term shop refers to a marble or granite supplier, such as Eurostone, Moruzzi, Ciot,
and so on.LAYOUT
There are a wide variety of details to consider: type of material, tile or slab size, installation pat-
tern,insertions, mosaics, type of finishing for countertop edges, window seals, shower steps or
pans, door frames, and so on. EuroCerob can provide you with the best layout for your project,
take accurate measurements, and consider all the intricacies and possibilities. If there are any
changes that can improve the final look, they will be presented to the client or designer for con-
sideration and approval.REALIZATION
This is the phase where we make the vision of talented designers, architects or clients a reality.
For durable results (10, 15 or 20 years), the selection of procedures, materials and techniques
should be taken very seriously. Obtaining the best results is a collaborative process that de-
pends on effective communication between all parties, from the architect or designer and the
general contractor to the subcontractors and the client. Any misunderstanding or dispute during
the realization of the project will likely produce unsatisfactory results for the party investing in
the project, namely the client.We can also help clients who wish to do the work themselves. FINALIZATION
This is the fun part, where everyone reaps the fruits of their efforts. It is a cherished moment
when everyone smiles and enjoys the results. We always look forward to this moment when all
questions, worries and doubts disappear and are replaced by a feeling of relief and pride.

Keywords: Architect

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Ensemble, nous étudierons les plans et y apporterons toute modification requise.Un autre moment critique est l’étape de la pose, surtout si des difficultés surviennent ou si les travaux en cours s’avèrent non conformes aux plans. Aussi, je peux vous guider dans la sélection judicieuse des meilleurs matériaux et dans l’exécution des modifications néces-saires,pour que le résultat final soit non seulement attrayant, mais durable.