By: Eumbc  09-12-2011

EUMBC Networks provides training courses and the communications professionals, media production staff and management expertise to allow your company or organisation to focus on core objectives without having to worry about capability gaps and project execution.

Training Courses – our courses focus on communication work and developing press and public diplomacy/affairs capabilities. Our approach can include organisational change. Our trainers work internationally, including in hostile areas and war zones.

News production staff – we offer technical and editorial staff with experience of digital news production. Most are trained and experienced within international news production organisations and are used to working autonomously and contributing product to several distribution platforms - television, radio and print.

Management – whether management resources are required for implementation or strategic support, EUMBC can draw on a roster of management candidates with recent experience.

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We arrange a regular reporting schedule, hold regular internal meetings about your project, and meet with you on an agreed schedule. Our rates are always determined well in advance of project kick-off and clients will never experience any 'surprising' invoices. EUMBC puts a highly skilled team behind a key corporate objective, and works for clients on an exclusive basis. EUMBC's range of skills and knowledge give us our competitive advantage.



Content Services – Drawing on more than 15 years experience of establishing and managing packaged branded content offerings, television production as well as international sales and distribution capabilities, EUMBC has deep intellectual property understanding.



EUMBC’s Organisation Design and Business Development focus is embedded in industry expertise within attaining communications capabilities for government, media, defence and security, as well as gaming and leisure clients. Within our industry expertise sectors our staff focus on identifying opportunities and reviewing future perspectives while providing in-depth, thought provoking, management support.