General - BACKPAK® - NonStop Tape Management Software by THIS COMPANY

By: Eti Net  09-12-2011

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BACKPAK® - NonStop Tape Management Software


BackPak software allows NonStop systems to attach and control industry leading tape subsystems. Whether targeting a physical library, a virtual library, or both, BackPak handles all aspect of media and device management while providing complete integration with DSM/TC, Mediacom, and NonStop Tape I/O processes.

Developed as an extension of the highly successful BackBox NonStop-resident software component, BackPak affords the NonStop community the choice to integrate previously unsupported tape products from HP StorageWorks, EMC, Oracle, IBM, or FalconStor. Users can consolidate NonStop systems with their open systems and enjoy the economy of shared hardware, common operations, and standard media.Advanced functions of de-duplication and low-bandwidth replication are accessible immediately and without the cost premium traditionally associated with NonStop-dependent peripherals.

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BackHome is designed for use with z/OS attached storage subsystems and BackHome/TSM is an extended version that allows backup output to be stored on any server configured with Tivoli Storage Manager Server. By integrating BackHome with the actions of the NonStop Backup/Restore utility it is possible to virtualize the storage device targets and direct NonStop backup objects onto open storage hardware.


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