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By: Esteemed Bodies  09-12-2011
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At Esteemed Bodies it is our philosophy that living well requires a balance of good nutrition, daily exercise, mental and spiritual wellbeing and a keen understaning of what these components are really all about. Included in our packages are components of all the elements for living well including our M.E.D.I. philosophy-     

       Motivation, education, dedication and inspiration.

Start living the life that you design, we can show you how.

  • Weight Loss Programs

    • Personalized Programs
    • One on one sessions with a certified trainer
    • Progress Tacking systems
    • Complimentary towel & water services
    • Zumba, meditation,boxfit & other classes available
  • Nutrition Programs

     A 3 step program to looking and feeling your best from the inside out

      * Boost Metabolism

      * Increase energy

      *Learn how to eat right for life!

  • Lifestyle Coaching Programs

    Leading a healthy lifestyle requires more than just a diet or exercise program. It's about balancing work, family & all of your responsibilities and still finding time for you.

    • Meditation Classes
    • Flexability/ straching programs included with all packages
    • Goal & reward programs established with all programs

    Create the energy and motivation you need to deal with all the stressors in your life!

  • Ultimate you Packages

    Create a personalized, budget friendly program that includes all of our services for a completely balanced you.

  • Online Programs

    Don't live in the area? No problem! Our online programs offer all of the same information and support as our regular programs.

    The only difference? All sessions with your trainer will be done over the phone rather then one on one.

  • What have you got to loose ?

Keywords: Lifestyle Coaching Programs, Nutrition,