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By: Essentia Software  09-12-2011
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For over a decade, Essentia Software's award-winning NannyPay® payroll software has been making life just a little easier for household employers of nannies, babysitters, eldercare providers and other domestic help. Now, for household employers who want more help and less hassle, Essentia Software offers its EssentiaPaySM payroll service.

EssentiaPaySM, the essential payroll service for household employers, is designed to provide busy families relief from the chore of setting up and maintaining a household payroll while still permitting them a level of control over the process. Unlike more expensive payroll services that take complete control over your money, EssentiaPay takes the hassle out of nanny tax compliance without making you turn over your checkbook.

Each of our 4 payroll service options includes our periodic paycheck service, which provides you with the essential service you value most — we calculate all the payroll withholdings for you, and provide you with a detailed paystub to give to your nanny or other caregiver. All you do is write the check for the net pay!

PLAN A FEES $25 Paid Monthly $75 Paid Quarterly $250 Paid Annually

Plan A is our periodic Paycheck Service. You tell us your nanny's hours for the pay period and we calculate the paycheck and provide you with a pre-printed pay stub for your employee. All you do is write the check for net pay.

Also included in Plan A is our Quarterly Reporting Service. We provide you with quarterly withholding and employer liability reports, which you use to complete and file your returns.

PLAN B FEES $38 Paid Monthly $110 Paid Quarterly $400 Paid Annually

Plan B includes everything in Plan A plus our Quarterly Withholding Return Service. With Plan B, in addition to providing you with withholding and liability reports, we also prepare and provide you signature-ready state quarterly withholding returns, ready to file with your state. All you do is write the check!

PLAN C FEES $75 plus Cost of Plan B

Plan C includes all services in Plans A and B, and adds our annual W-2 Service. With Plan C, we not only prepare and mail an annual Form W-2 to your employee(s), we also prepare the annual Form W-3 to be signed and filed with the Social Security Administration.

PLAN D FEES $150 plus Cost of Plan B

Plan D is our premium service. Plan D includes all services in Plans A thru C, plus we prepare your signature-ready annual state and federal household employment tax returns for filing with the IRS and your state revenue department.

Please Note: All Plan prices assume 1 employee. Add $10 for each additional employee; All Plans require a one-time, additional non-refundable $100 Setup Fee.

In addition to our paycheck service, EssentiaPay lets you customize the level of tax reporting you want. You can let us handle just your payroll and nothing more, or we will also prepare and provide you with signature-ready tax returns for quarterly or annual filing. With EssentiaPay, you are always in control!

It's easy to get started. Simply review our Payroll Service Plans, decide which one fits your needs and budget, then contact us by filling out the form below and we will send you all the information you need to quickly and easily set up your EssentiaPay payroll service. Have questions? Fill out the form below or call (888) 999-1722 to speak to a payroll service representative.

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