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To help take your message further, ESM offers a full range of webcasting and production services.

Web Environment Services

ESM designs and builds On-Demand Webcast Center websites which provide secure, 24/7 access to learning assets from your meeting. An On-Demand solution allows you to reach out to participants who would otherwise be unable to attend, providing them with remote access to your meeting presentations at any time it’s convenient.

The ESM online environment is an easy-to-use interface consisting of three simple modules:

Watch Webcasts allows users to review meeting presentations at any time. Video footage of the speakers is synched with their PowerPoint for easy and instantaneous navigation. Webcasts can be used to provide training for any staff who may have missed the meeting, or for any new personnel who are joining your team.

Take Quiz allows users to test their knowledge of information from the presentations. Multiple choice or True/False questions support the webcast viewer's understanding of material. Quizzes can be delivered in multiple language character sets.

Get Resources provides a one-stop instant access area for current documents related to the meeting. Forms, guidelines, translated materials, FAQs and newsletters can all be made easily available for download by posting them online. All digital file formats are supported.

Specialized Services for Investigator Meetings

The ESM On-Demand Webcast Center has been widely adopted by the Pharma and Biotech industries, allowing Study Managers to provide long-term access to Investigator Meeting assets online. This access allows Investigators, Study Coordinators, Monitors and other Study staff to review meeting presentations at any time. Visitors to the website can also test their knowledge of Study Conduct and Compliance within the Quiz section, or visit the Resources section to download current forms related to the Protocol.

Production Services

ESM offers a full range of video production services: videotaping, editing, and video conversion for online delivery. Our production team records content from in-person live meetings or in-office staged meetings. We can also work with existing video assets to optimize them for delivery on our websites. ESM's Webcasting and Production teams are experienced at interfacing smoothly and efficiently with onsite meeting planners and AV companies.

Project Management and Hosting Services

Keywords: Investigator Meeting, Meeting Presentations,

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They build long term and professional relationships with all members of the department, and work seamlessly as an integrated partner and a face of the company with Investigators and their staff.. The ESM team is the only meeting planning vendor I trust to meet our internal and external meeting requirements. Lisa GuttmanPartner and OwnerPractical Clinical Research Solutions Inc.