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By: Esl Defence  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software tools, Test Equipment, Electronic Warfare

Before air crews take to the skies or land/maritime vehicles enter harm’s way, independent electronic warfare system verification and confidence testing are vital for mission success. ESL’s front line test solutions complement onboard, built-in test equipment for proven verification of defensive aid suite readiness before operational engagement. These meet any test requirement from complete, end-to-end testing to validation of a single software application.

All of ESL’s front line confidence test sets are manufactured as ruggedized, military-specification equipment and can be provided with software tools for threat reprogramming and full remote operation.
UV Baringa test set is used to stimulate UV missile warning systems; likewise, the IR Baringa is able to test one- or two-colour IR missile warning systems.Hydra front line confidence test set is designed to stimulate laser warning receiver systems, laser range finder, beam rider and designator threats.
MEON is an end-to-end confidence tester of directed IR countermeasure (DIRCM) systems incorporating UV missile warning system stimulation, an IR beacon and jamming code verification.Solent front line IR jammer test set provides maximum confidence to air crews that systems are transmitting as required, and confirms the correct selection of jamming codes, as well as jamming signal intensity.
is designed to verify aircraft-installed radar warning receivers including associated antennas, transmission lines, radomes, cockpit displays and controls. Universal Test Set is a handheld RF confidence tester for improvised explosive device jammers and similar devices.

Other products that fit into this category include:

- Advanced Boresight Equipment, or ABE®

Keywords: Cockpit Displays, Electronic Warfare, Ir Jammer, Laser Range, Laser Warning, Laser Warning Receiver, Software tools, System Verification, Test Equipment, Warning System,

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We design, manufacture, service and support cutting-edge, combat-proven test and training solutions in all of our product domains. ESL systems are designed to effectively stimulate all major electronic warfare systems including. Ultraviolet missile warners such as the AN/AAR 47 2.


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The Hydra SIL (systems integration laboratory) is an advanced stimulator of laser warning receivers by simulation of complex laser beamrider, designator and range finder threats via a minimum set of two, 905 nanometer (nm) (three degrees and 10 degrees field of view) and one, 1,550 nm (three degrees field of view) Class 3B laser subsystems. It is used for SIL testing.


depot level

Advanced Architecture Phase Amplitude and Time Simulator, or A2PATS- Advanced Boresight Equipment, or ABE®- Hydra v3/v4- Infrared Baringa- Lab JSECST- Solent- Universal Test Set, or UTS- Ultraviolet Baringa. ESL has designed several products that enable technicians and logisticians to quickly and confidently assess the mission readiness of electronic warfare components.



We maintain an inventory of spare parts on-site and accept payment for these via credit card to ensure that system downtime is limited.Two repair depots ensure that customers can dispatch their products quickly and get them back into service as soon as possible. ESL maintains a repair centre at its corporate headquarters in the UK, and North American customers can access the repair centre located at AAI’s corporate headquarters.


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ESL is a leading provider of total spectrum electronic warfare stimulation solutions that deliver accurate and reliable results to military customers worldwide, including government research institutes, system integrators, logisticians and front line ground crews.


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ESL offers electronic warfare solutions designed for the specific test and evaluation requirements of the SIL or test facility user. The systems integration laboratory is the first touch point where defensive aid systems are integrated and tested.