By: Esber Cash Register  09-12-2011

QSP Point-Of-Sale

Our point-of-sale system is easy to learn and smooth to operate.  The item section of the point-of-sale screen can easily be
customized to provide layouts that are designed for the various types of serving lines you may have.  It is fully integrated with
our FORMAT and QSP Hub products allowing for the automatic updating of student information and transfering of students from one school to another.

FORMAT (Free Or Reduced Meal Applicant Tracking)

FORMAT tracks applications for Free or Reduced status and the information is written in compliance with USDA standards.

Allows parents and guardians to smoothly and securely put money on a student's cafeteria account using a credit card online.
Transactions are automatically transfered to the correct school and applied to the student's account in a matter of hours.


Centralized Reporting and SIMS Data Exchange for K12

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Free and Reduced Meal Application Tracking With the ever changing and complex USDA rules and the regulations, changing all the time, it is important to have a powerful yet flexible free and reduced system. Fully integrated with the QSP Point of Sale, this software program allows applications to be entered from the Central Office or individual school sites. Scanning of Free and Reduced applications. Developed on MS SQL Server.