FA$TCA$H Deposit

By: Eric Rich  09-12-2011
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How it Works:

  • Once approved, simply log onto online banking
  • Click on the FA$TCA$H Deposit button, enter your deposit amount, and transfer from your FA$TCA$H Deposit Account to your Share Draft.
  • Mail your endorsed checks (envelopes and deposit slips will be provided to you) and once received at the credit union, your deposit will be applied to your FA$TCA$H Deposit Account bringing the balance back to zero and completing the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the Credit Union does not receive my check?

If the FA$TCA$H Deposit is not received at the credit union within 15 days of the on-line deposit, the amount of that deposit will be transferred to a FA$TCA$H Deposit Loan.  You will receive a notice informing you that the deposit amount was transferred to a FA$TCA$H Deposit Loan.

If my balance is transferred to an FA$TCA$H Deposit Loan, what happens?

First, you have 15 days for the deposit to reach the credit union.

If you process a deposit on-line and the credit union does not receive the physical checks within 15 days, the balance due will be transferred to a loan and charged an annual percentage rate of 18%.  

If a FA$TCA$H Deposit Loan is established because your deposit was not received, you will receive another notice informing you of your payment due and the due date.

How much can I deposit at one time?

You can complete an on-line deposit up to $1500.  This $1500 limit is a combination of the funds in your FA$TCA$H Deposit Account and deposits that have transferred to your FA$TCA$H Deposit Loan.

How do I order more deposit slips and envelopes?

 and we will mail additional envelopes and deposit slips.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: credit union, online banking

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