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By: Ergonomic Handling  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pallet, Jib Cranes

VacuHoist is a self-contained vacuum-powered hoist that provides a safe and efficient way for an operator to lift maneuver and lower virtually any object up to 600 pounds (272kg)!

Bridge cranes accommodate rectangular workspaces. Bridge systems can be mounted to a ceiling or installed as free-standing with floor anchors. These enclosed-track systems are available in lightweight (250-500 lb. capacities) or heavy-duty rail (1,000-2,000 lb. capacities). Both sizes offer a free range of motion and are enhanced ergonomically by controlled oscillation at both ends. Your load automatically follows your lead with consistent ease.

Jib Cranes offer 180°-360° rotation in a circular area. Jibs are available with straight or articulating booms. Standard mounting is either floor or pillar, but may require a special foundation in some cases. Movement is free at the end of the boom, but becomes more restricted as the load is moved toward the pivot. If more than 4% of your work is done within the inner half of the radius of your straight boom jib crane, you may want to consider an articulating jib

The pallet inverter was originally conceived as a solution to remove broken bags from the bottom of a loaded pallet and as an solution to an extensive problem of lost and damaged pallets. The machines were designed as a means of retaining one's in-house and transferring loads to customers own pallets for distribution.  The uses have multiplied to a point where a pallet inverter has now become an essential part of almost every warehouse where unit loads are handled.

Keywords: Jib Cranes, Pallet