Lighting with LEDs: luminaires, technology and applications

By: Erco  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lighting, lighting control, Light System

By using dedicated PCB layouts equipped with carefully selected LED binnings, ERCO ensures that optimum luminous flux and colour rendition is obtained for each specific lighting task.

The optical systems for LED lighting tools are vastly different from those of conventional luminaires. ERCO designs and builds these systems in-house to ensure a perfect match, thereby allowing their full potential to be exploited in terms of efficiency and lighting quality.

ERCO places particular importance on heat management. This ensures that LED modules operate within their safe temperature range, achieving rated life and output for the specified power throughout their operational life.

LEDs require perfectly matching electronic control gear. Only ERCO┬┤s factory encoded DALI control gear offer plug and play connectivity, i.e. fully automatic recognition in the Light System DALI lighting system.

LEDs and digital lighting controls such as Light System DALI are truly made for each other. No other light source can be controlled as flexibly and efficiently as an LED. The user-friendly operation through lighting control allows great scope to design scenographic lighting in the sense of "tune the light", this enables the potential energy saving to be fully realised.

For rational planning and practical application, ERCO has fully integrated the LED technology into the system design of its existing product ranges. The available range of shapes, light distributions, wattages and colour temperatures is suitably comprehensive.

Keywords: Control Gear, Light System, Lighting, lighting control,

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In order to identify luminaires in complex rooms with limited visual contact, each Light Client has an electronic luminaire ID stored in the control gear and recorded on a sticker, which is placed in a lighting plan on site. To set up light scenes and for more complex operations, designers or users can use the ERCO Light Studio software on a PC connected to the Light Server 64+ or the Light Changer+ via Ethernet.


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They are often used to highlight particular areas or focal points in a room but also in situations where the luminaire itself assumes the role of an architectural element. Additionally, the Pendant suspension system allows the exact height of the luminaire to be selected, giving optimum glare control. Pendant downlights provide economical ambient lighting with high visual comfort and are seen as succinct architectural details.


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The indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaires, and lighting control systems from ERCO make up a comprehensive range of lighting equipment for complete, integrated lighting solutions in architecture. This catalogue presents ERCO's new products for 2011 and is a supplement to the existing Program 2010/11.