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By: Equisales  09-12-2011
Keywords: transformer, Oil Processing

  • Sourcing
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Oil Processing
  • Testing
  • Transformer & Switchgear Maintenance

Equisales maintains a fleet of mobile vacuum dehydrator/oil processing trailers designed to be transported anywhere in the world with minimal notice. Our trailers are fully equipped, allowing self-sufficient operation in remote areas when site power may not be available.

Transformer & Substation Breaker Services Experience up to and including 500 kV and 550 MVA

  • Assembly (New or Used)
  • Removal/Relocation/Retrofit/Decommissioning
  • Testing - Acceptance/Commissioning
  • Repairs - Leaks, Gaskets, Bushings
  • Repair/Replace Protective Devices
  • Vacuum/Oil Filling
  • Auxilliary Cooler Installation
  • SF6 Gas Reclamation
  • SF6 Gas Filling
  • Review of current protections schemes

Electrical Testing & Services

  • Insulation Power Factor
  • Excitation Current
  • Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR)
  • Winding Resistance
  • CT (Ratio, Polarity, Saturation)
  • Insulation Resistance (Megger)
  • Oil/SF6 Gas Sampling/Analysis
  • SFRA Testing & Analysis
  • Transformer Health Assessment
  • AC and DC Hipot Bus/Cable
  • Ground/Grid Resistance
  • Relay and Meter Calibration
  • Controls Troubleshooting
  • Controls Modifications
  • Infrared Inspection

Keywords: Oil Processing, transformer

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Field Services > High Voltage Engineers and Technicians

Standardized training and compliance practices mean that no matter who is in the field, you’ll get the quality diagnostics and repair you expect. Constantly expanding our diagnostic, installation, and maintenance staff guarantees 360º service to our high voltage customers. Customer satisfaction comes from combining industry expertise, product knowledge and unequalled service.


What We Do - Equisales

We sell and rent high voltage transformers, substation equipment and systems to domestic and international utlities, power plants, and industrial customers. Our fast-track solutions minimize client downtime by providing quick response and delivery of equipment worldwide. We are able to provide most of our equipment and services "on-demand".


How We Do It - Equisales

In its two decades of business, Equisales has acquired industry experts with unparalleled experience in transformer design, maintenance and repair, testing, engineered solutions and field services. Provide industry-leading training so our installation and service teams help you avoid down time. Invest our own capital on inventory worldwide, available to you at a moments notice.


Emergency Response > Transformers, Substation Breakers, Disconnect Switches

We also maintain close strategic relationships with domestic and international transformer manufacturers, enabling us to provide quick delivery of transformers throughout the world. To ensure this quick response, we maintain a large inventory of transformers, substation breakers, and disconnect switches from 15 kV thru 500 kV.