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By: Environew Services  09-12-2011

  Remediation Services and Restoration

1. Treatment of Hydrocarbons in Soil/Groundwater/Surface Water
Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) protocols determine the extent of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from a previous or recent hydrocarbon spill.  A soil-sampling program is established to secure soil samples for testing specific hydrocarbon parameters. Laboratory analytical results are compared with provincial risk based criteria to confirm and/or delineate areas of contamination that exceed allowable standards. For "hot spot" areas remediation options are assessed and a cost effective remediation plan is derived and customized to the site conditions. Site remediation options that are offered include: Pump and Treat, Excavation and Disposal, Land Farming, Air Sparging, Vapor Extraction, Biosparging, Phytoremediation, In-Situ Chemical Treatment, and Incineration.

2. Treatment of Heavy Metals, Chemicals & Salts in Soil/Groundwater/Surface Water
Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) protocols determine the extent of soil and water contamination attributed to industrial processes. A sampling program is undertaken to collect and test samples for suspect soil and groundwater contaminants associated with industrial processes. Laboratory analytical results confirm the types of contaminants and identify areas where concentration levels exceed provincial standards. Treatment options offered include: Excavation and Disposal and Incineration.

Environmental Management Services

1. Building and Property Contaminant Assessment and Mitigation
Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) using Phase 1-4 site assessment protocols are employed to assess and resolve contamination associated with residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

2. Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring equipment is installed on site in to collect and analyze field data to determine whether provincial environmental standards objectives or guidelines are being achieved. Timely environmental reporting to clients is undertaken and pollution control mitigation measures are proposed if required.

3. Environmental Auditing
Using ISO 14000 protocols, all facets of commercial and industrial operations and reporting are undertaken to determine “good environmental practices” and compliance with current environmental regulations.  A written report is prepared which identifies deficiencies, proposed pollution control and mitigation measures, and operational improvements to address environmental issues.

4. Environmental Training and Education
The firm offers customized environmental training workshops designed to serve client needs. The firm specializes in providing environmental training and assistance to personnel located on First Nation Reserves confronted with environmental issues pertaining to existing building and property contamination, industrial operations and pollution control such as pump jacks and pipelines, and the environmental impact of proposed industrial economic developments for example new potash mines and rail line yard conversions.

Examples of training workshops previously provided include Mold Assessment and Abatement, Asbestos Assessment and Removal, Spills and Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Monitoring and Reporting, Industrial Environmental Impact and Regulation, Environmental Impact Assessment, ISO 14000: Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Conflict and Mediation, Solid Waste Management: Collection, Transfer and Disposal, Small Scale Water Treatment Systems.

5. Drilling Services
The Company has an auger and push drill rig to undertake a range of drilling needs for clients including water wells and piezometer installations, and soil testing. The drill rigs can reach a depth of 40ft. Other applications include post hole auguring for various projects. An operator and a swamper accompany each drill rig.

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