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By: Enviroled Technologies  09-12-2011
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Scroll down to see charts that compare incandescent, CFL & LED lights

  • Before you invest in LED lighting, be properly informed. Not all LED lights are equal regardless of what the many sales reps will pitch. We suggest staying away from the LED lights with the multiple (7-12 led lights in the head) and going with the high power Single cell lights such as the Sylvania products.

EnviroLED Technologies Corporation would like to provide you the latest high power LED products for your needs. You can find the most widely used for decorating kitchen cabinets and ceilings. Our feature products include the , which can replace normal incandescent light bulbs, halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs, are brighter and consume signifcantly less power than traditional lights. (up to 84% savings and more)The LED replacement of GU10, MR16 can be found in our section. Also, you can find  high quality and energy saving to provide a more green and comfortable enviroment in your film or photographic studio. Check out our  section to find numerous other LED products, eg. fluorescent tube light replacements.

LED lights offer a range of important features:                                            

  • Lower energy consumption, reducing your energy bill, by consuming on average just 10% of the power of traditional lights
  • Longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours (lasts for many many years)
  • Improved robustness, better quality light
  • Smaller size
  • Faster switching
  • Environmentally friendly and free of mercury/heavy metals
  • UV and IR free
  • Are safer due to cooler operating temperatures
  • Work better in cold temperatures
  • Provide a more natural and pleasing light source
  • Can be recycled and include no harmful elements

The following comparision chart illustrates the benefits of switching from traditional lights to LED products.

for additional information.

Keywords: Incandescent Light, Lights, Traditional Lights

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We go the extra distance to provide you with a very personal tailored solution to all your LEd lighting needs. After delivery of your new LED lights, we will help you to fill out your rebate application online. We are a full service company from start to finish and deliver more than just product sales. Lighting concepts to enhance your environment. Private branding wholesale support program. BC Hydro application process help.