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By: Entrustcare Inc  09-12-2011


The foundation for which Entrust Care was envisioned has remained reinforced through the years: provide passionate, accessible and reliable elderly care to your loved ones. Entrust Care prides itself of competitive edge services that include heartfelt dedication to elderly care, flexible and customized schedule, competitive rates, 24/7 dependable staff and world-class caregiving services delivery. Entrust your loved ones to us, we truly care!

What can you expect from our Agency

A Reliable Staff
Accidents sometimes happen when you least expect it. Entrust Care’s business hours operate for you on a 24/7 schedule, from Mondays to Sundays. Our Live Answering Service is reachable by phone, Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Your calls will surely be answered and routed directly to our mobile phones if you look for Nancy, Ivee or Aileen. After 5 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, your call will be routed to a Voicemail Message Service that automatically sends us a notification via our email which directly forwards it to our mobile phones. We can send a caregiver immediately to you even on short notice. If you need a caregiver as soon as possible, you can reach us at 925-407-4752.

A Flexible & Customized Schedule
We work for you on an on-need basis only. We will customize the schedule of the caregiver to cater to your special needs. In addition, you have the flexibility to change your schedule based on your physical condition and/or development. (i.e. From 24 hours/day to 12 hours/day, From 6 hours/day to 12 hours/day etc.). You can also get a schedule from Monday to Friday only or on weekends only. There is no maximum time we require for you to avail of our caregiving service and you may stop acquiring it at anytime you wish.

Competitive Rates
You can be assured that the service rates we ask for are based on the market industry’s current standard rates. Entrust Care Inc. promotes strong business ethics therefore you can trust us that we will not charge you more than what is just. All service rates are subject to negotiation.

A Vast Experience
For more than six years, we have taken utmost care of our elderly clients. We have helped our elderly recover from different types of physical & psychological conditions. A few examples of times where our services were immediately deployed were when elderly have a bad fall, when pressures of our ward rise unexplainably and when elderly start suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia. We have also supervised elderly who refused to eat or communicate. We also experienced having to mobilize for various emergency situations and respond quickly by calling for medical help and assistance. In each of these instances, we have always acted reasonably fast, used good common sense and best judgment, shown initiative and have immediately reported the events to the family (and/or responsible party) of the elderly. We offer free assessment so tell us your story and we will help you get through these hard times for your elderly loved ones.

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