By: Enterasec  09-12-2011
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EnTeraSec provides a wide range of security services across enterprise and telecommunication areas. We utilize state of the art tools and best practices to identify threats, reduce your risk, improve your compliance, and improve the security of your business.

Incidence Response, Forensics
Comprehensive security incident response handling, remediation, and forensic investigation services.

PBX Security

Security analysis of your PBX to protect your telephony network and operations.

  Network and Risk Analysis

A holistic system threat /risk assessment and standards compliance analysis.

IT Security Architecture Review

Security architecture and policy analysis and creation of Corporate/Industry security standards.

Security Testing

Network and systems hardening services, including vulnerability, audit and ethical penetration testing.

Turnkey Services

Complete management, design, installation and configuration of network and physical security equipment.

Become more secure, efficient, and compliant.

Call us for a free one hour session where we can improve the security and efficiency of your systems.

We can help you identify areas of your IT and telephony operations that can be improved from a security and compliance point of view.

Don’t be a victim - harden you voice and data systems with the help of EnTeraSec.

Keywords: It Security, Security