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By: Entel Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Voice Mail

Paging (Optional)*
• All Call Voice Page
• External Page Interface
• External Zone Paging
• Group Paging
Pooled CO Lines
Pooled Line Buttons
• Privacy Override
• Private CO Lines
Relay Service (Optional)
• Door Lock Control
• External Page
• Music-On-Hold Source Control
• Night Relay Service
Release Button
Release/Answer Button
Repeat Last Number Dialed
Ringing Line Preference
SNMP Network Management
Speakerphone On/Off Control
Standard Telephone Compatibility with Message Waiting
Speed Dial
• Station
• System
Station Hunting
Station Message Detail Recording Interface (Optional)
System Maintenance
• Error Logs
• Automatic Fault Recovery
• Maintenance and Administration via LAN
• System Administration Logs
• System Trace (multi-level)
• SNMP Traps
• System Alarms (eMonitor)
• Traffic Measurement & Reporting
System Program Upload/Download*
Tandem CO Line Connections
TAPI Compliant
Tenant Service
Tie Line Transfer Recall
Tie Lines
Toll (Destination) Restriction
• Restriction Override
• Restriction Override Revision
Transfer Privacy
Traveling Class of Service
T1/DS-1 Interface (Optional)
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)*
User Programmable Feature Buttons
Voice Mail Integration
• Call Record to Voice Mail
• In-band DTMF Signaling
• Simplified Message Desk Interface (SMDI) (Optional)
• LCD Soft Key Voice Mail Control
• Transfer Direct to Voice Mailbox
• Voice Mail Conference
Voice or Tone Signaling
Volume Control
• Busy Override Tone
• Handset
• Handsfree/Speakerphone
• Ringing

Voice Mail Features
Automated Attendant (AA)
Automatic Message Copy with Optional Delete
Automatic Message Copy with Start/Stop Time and Delay
Called Identification
Caller ID with SMDI
Caller Confirmation Prior to Transferring
Call Record to Mailbox
Call Record Over Strata Net
Call Queuing
Call Screening
Class of Service (COS)
Copy Mailbox
Copy Range
Direct Transfer to Voice Mailbox
Disk Space Notification
Distribution Lists
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Fax Tone Detection
Feature Groups (optional)
• Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)*
• Fax Integration*
• Text-to-Speech (TTS)*
• Unified Messaging*
Future Delivery
Guest User Mailboxes
Independent Port Greetings
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) via Token Programming
• Function Lock
• Groups
• Security Code
• Personal Greetings
• Time Zone Setting
Mailbox Number – Varied/Fixed Length
• Continuous Delete
• Continuous Playback
• Date and Time
• Forwarding
• Notification
• Pause During Playback
• Pause During Recording
• Playback Control
• Private
• Purging
• Reply
• Retrieval Control
• Return Receipt Verification
• Speed Control
• Urgent
• Volume Control
Message Storage
• Personal Folders
• Message Queues
Multiple System Languages
• Centralized Voice Mail
• Soft Key Control Over Strata Net
• Office
• Relay
Remote Administration
Shutdown using the Telephone Dial Pad
Single-digit Menus
Soft Key Control with LCD Feature Prompting*
System Administrator’s Mailbox
System Backup
Token Programming (custom applications, IVR, etc.)
Toshiba Plug and Play Integration
User Tutorial (New User)
Varied Sampling Rates
Voice Forms

Attendant Console Features
Alarm Reset
Answer Button
Answer Prompting by CO Line or DNIS
Attendant Conference Setup
Day/Night Mode Switching
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Display
• Station Directory Number
• Station User Name
• Station Advisory Message Display
Call Answer Priority
Call Statistics
• Incoming and Total
• Export to Excel File
• Print by Range
Call Waiting Count
Caller ID/ANI Display
Calling/Called Number and Name Display
Color CRT Display
Dial “O” For Attendant
Dial by Name/Number
Dialing an Outside Number for Station User
Direct Station Selection
Directory Display and Dialing
• Directory Entry Attribute Information
• Directory Entry Contact Information
Door Phone Calling
Door Unlock
DTMF Tone Signaling From Dial Pad Key
Emergency Call
Emergency Page
Feature On-Line Help
Flexible Programmable Buttons
Headset Operation*
Hold Calls
Hold Timer Display
Incoming Call Identification
Interposition Call Transfer
Join/Split Calls
Keyboard or Mouse Operation
Load Sharing of Multiple Attendants
Loop Buttons
Loop Hold Display
Message Entry and Display
• E-mail to Station User
• Print Messages
Message Waiting Set and Cancel
Notes Entry and Display for Calls
Position Busy Mode
Release Button
Remote Operator (IP connection)
Speed Dial Calling
• Internal Calls
• External Calls
• Dial From Caller ID List
Supervised Loop Operation
Three-Way Calling
Through Dialing
Transfer Direct to Voice Mailbox
Trunk Group Control and Busy Indication
Trunk Test & Verify
Windows™ PC Operation

Note: Optional features may or may not be extra cost items.

* Some feature implementation may require additional auxiliary equipment.

Keywords: Voice Mail

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