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By: Entango  09-12-2011

No HTML skills needed. If you have a browser, that's all the software you need!

Create a look and feel for your message by choosing 1 of 30 full color graphic templates from the stock template library. Store, retrieve, and modify your own custom templates.

Upload and store images to your own image library. Choose images from the library, set justification, add links, and insert into the message.

Save your messages as drafts or retrieve a previously sent message.

Dynamic personalization of both the body and subject of the message.

AOL, HTML, and Text auto-sensing technology

Link tracking for HTML, AOL, and plain text messages.

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Entango | Products: Sign Up

You will also need to provide us with proof of your nonprofit status with a copy of your 501, 501, or 501 status. Please feel free to call us at 877.ENTANGO for assistance with your banking options. Entango can assist you in this process. Signing up with Entango is a snap.


Entango | Products: Transaction Services

Worldwide Processing capability allows you to securely accept donations in US dollars from worldwide supporters with foreign credit cards. Entango makes online transactions a snap, with low fees and a virtually risk-free setup. Real-time credit card processing using state-of-the-art security technology. All of Entango's Transaction Services feature.