By: Ensoftek  09-12-2011

Interview-based, interactive company set-up determines compliance requirements by reporting entity. MyCompany module builds the foundation for all of the environmental, health & safety compliance activities that apply to your business. Supports prioritized task lists and inbuilt email notifications to manage day-to-day regulatory and compliance activities.

Maintains a full database of MSDS images/files with powerful search, sort and print functionality. It uses 110 data fields to capture all relevant data from MSDS and tracks physical and chemical data from all MSDS.

This module creates simple and effective chemical management processes, sorted according to customer’s record-keeping procedures. It captures and tracks chemical inventory, purchasing, usage and waste stream production.

Manage your OSHA, EPCRA, Air, Water, and Waste regulatory requirements using the MyCompliance Module. It includes:
  • Health and safety checklists to monitor your facility’s compliance with OSHA regulations and help ensure a safe workplace.
  • Safety Committee management including tools for easily creating meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Injury and illness records management including Forms 300, 300A and 301.
  • Tools and resources for complying with emergency planning and community right-to-know (EPCRA) requirements
  • Waste management center for keeping records of hazardous, non-hazardous and universal waste generation, storage and disposal.
  • FAQs, Tips, and Resources with useful information such as regulatory agency contacts and links to trade group web sites.
Manage employee training with online tests, status reports, course assignments and the latest updates on requirements. Integrated User management system allows set up of multiple users and customization of training requirements for each employee.