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By: Enlightened Feelings  09-12-2011
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Our Services

extensive case studies and scientific research to create maximum benefit.  It is unlike anything you've experienced


Treat yourself to the blissful relaxation of Bio-Sonic Transformative Healing.   It sounds technical, but it is as gentle, soothing and serene as silk on bare skin!   Bio-sonic healing uses the high frequency of tuning forks in your auric field to balance and re-pattern your mental, physical and emotional body.  It's like an angelic massage for your etheric body!  High frequencies use entrainment to raise your vibration, balance your meridians and chakras, and re-calibrate your DNA.   Disease and depression cannot exist at such high frequencies.  As your vibration raises you feel light, serene, whole, balanced.  The feeling is like nothing else you will experience!  Exquisite bliss

We also offer non-invasive Reiki treatments

The cost is $65 per session

Our unique 1.5-3 hr private session is designed to rapidly release your past and its effect on you, and allow you to effortlessly shift into a state of balance and joy.  We blend frequency healing with emotional release techniques and energy healing for a session that is deeply relaxing, vividly enlightening, emotionally uplifting, and often fun!  It's not necessary to remember, re-live, or talk about your past or how you got to where you are now.  You just have to be willing and ready to release it now. 

The cost for 1.5-3 hr testing, consultation and your custom formula is $125

Some people have a more difficult time opening up and releasing, so their private session may continue beyond 3 hours.  The charge for longer sessions is $145, including your custom formula

A few people require a second or third session after taking their initial formula.  This happens when personal control issues or severe trauma cause resistance to the initial processs of releasing.  In this case you will need 1 or 2 subsequent sessions.  These sessions take about 30 minutes, and we do not charge for this.  You pay only for your custom frequency formula.  The cost for a custom formula is $60  

With gas prices continuing to climb, we have to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint and save money.  Enlightened Feelings has recognized that there is added cost and scheduling issues when you have to travel to our office.  We offer convenient PHOTO SCREENING option for people and animals

If you live anywhere in continental North America, we'll call you once we receive your photo and order.  We'll discuss your unique needs and you can then choose to finalize your order with your credit card number

Your dog or cat's 1.5-3 hr session includes an on-site behavior assessment and gentle, non-invasive screening to discover the actual root cause of the current behavior or health issues.  We may also screen for contributing factors such as diet and lifestyle to provide insights that can help you optimize your animal's well-being

Sometimes a bit of gentle Reiki, bio-sonic healing, or emotional release techniques are required to help your pet overcome pain or transcend physical issues more quickly.  Sometimes a bit of insight into the animal's behavior is required before the screening begins.  Sometimes a bit of animal communication is required to help you understand your pet at a deeper level and to help your pet understand you.  We'll discuss what is happening inside your pet's mind and what you can do to help.  Often we see a measurable difference in your pet before the session is even completed! 

A custom formula of botanical frequencies is then created just for your pet.  You'll give this to your pet orally or in its water each day for 15-21 days.  The frequencies are safe, benevolent, natural, and human-grade.  They will not conflict with medications or affect drug-testing in performance animals.  Sometimes we may ask you to take the frequencies along with your animal.  That's because many pets' problems start with the owners' personal issues!

The cost for a 1.5-3 hr session with screening, custom frequencies and consultation is $125. 

House calls are an additional $20. 

Sessions over 3 hrs cost $145.

Occasionally a follow-up custom formula is required.  The cost for each subsequent formula is $60

We've been working with horses for more than 30 years.  We are horse owners too!  Our screening session for horses begins with a non-invasive thermal hand scan to reveal where and why the horse may be having issues with its training or handling.  If needed, we will provide Reiki energy healing or bio-sonic healing to help relieve or release the area of stress.  Horses LOVE to receive Reiki! 

The  1.5 -2 hr screening, energy scan with custom blend is $125 plus $20 for a stable call.  We do offer a discount for screening multiple horses at one stable on the same day--even if the horses belong to individual owners

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