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By: Endoscope  09-12-2011

Class II Medical Devices displayed in the store are not yet Licensed/Permitted for sale in Canada, in accordance with Canadian law.
Such devices are not to be sold ONLY for use within Canada for HUMAN/MEDICAL usage, but can be used for VETERINALY/ANIMAL purpose.

This restriction does not apply to any Class I devices advertised on this website.
If ordering from Canada, please contact our sales department at 1-800-2399934 prior to placing your order online.

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Browse our range of medical lighting from led to metal halide light sources

These Xtreme light sources feature a high intensity LED, which produces well over 50,000 Lux of illumination, and an adjustable intensity control lever, to vary the illumination for different inspection areas, or areas with reflective surfaces.


Video Dermascopes ― ~ Medit inc, Canada

This program provides your practice with full Client Management Software, and a Skin Analysis Wizard which analyzes Skin Moisture, Oil Content, Curvature, Keratin, Pore Size, and Pigmentation. Detailed results are provided with information about skin characteristics, skin care tips, analysis of the results, and diet recommendations. Skin & Image Analysis software.


Veterinary endoscopes & flexible fiberscopes for small to large animals

These flexible Videoscopes feature a narrow 8.5mm diameter insertion tube for use in small animals like cats and dogs or larger, 9.6 or 13mm diameters, for large dog breeds and horses/ live stock. The Medit FVG- Flexible Video Gastroscope, is designed to perform diagnostic procedures and post operative examinations in the stomach and colon of cats, dogs and horses.


Large Animals ― ~ Medit inc, Canada

Gastroscope 7.9 mm diameter, 2500mm length, 4-way tip articulation, waterproof coated insertion tube with Air and Water, Suction, and Instrument Channels. THIS CLASS II DEVICE IS NOT SOLD FOR HUMAN/MEDICAL USE WITHIN CANADA, SINCE IT IS NOT LICENSED FOR SUCH USE IN CANADA. Sets include 150W Halogen Light source, with Air Pump, and Water bottle.


We provide laparoscopes for minimally invasive surgeries

Medit's Suction and Irrigation unit is designed for veterinary use in large and small animals to suction fluids, or collect liquid tissue fragments, and irrigate inspection areas with saline solution or other liquids. This unit has been designed to offer large flow with low noise during abdominal operations and Ear Flushes. Along with excellent reliability, and the ability to work continuously for long periods of time.