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By: En Isodisnatura  09-12-2011
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DHA standard wild fish oil (tocopherols);

tunica (fish gelatin, humectant: glycerol, colouring agent: red iron oxide);

anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; emulsifier: lecithin; vitamin B1.


OM3vital is an oil of pharmaceutical quality made exclusively from wild fish (anchovy, sardines).

Each production stage of OM3vital is carried out according to "GMP" (Good Manufacturing Practices) food or pharmaceutical standards to guarantee an oil of pharmaceutical quality, compliant with ISO 9001 standards. In addition to rigorous controls during production, isodisnatura periodically calls on an independent laboratory (Oleotest NV ou Eurofins) to carry out analyses on finished product stocks to monitor quality during shelf-life.


OM3vital contains a protective dose of vitamin E (tocopherol), making it possible to maintain the omega-3 in a biologically active state and reduce the risk of peroxidation. The presence of this antioxidant gives OM3vital a 3-year validity period if kept in a dry environment at a temperature between 15 and 25°C.

However, exposure of the product to light and high temperatures reduces shelf-life and may damage the flexible capsules. In addition to rigorous controls during the production stages, isodisnatura periodically calls on an independent laboratory - OLEOTEST NV or EUROFINS - to carry out analyses of OM3vital stocks to monitor quality during shelf life (3 years).

Nutritional Values

CompositionPer Capsule
OMEGA-3 (mg)276
   DHA (mg)193
   EPA (mg)41
VITAMIN B10.376 (33%*)
*% RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance

Quality, an independent organisation that evaluates the quality of nutritional supplements has found that more than one brand in four does not contain the ingredient quantities marked on the label. OM3vital concentrations have ISO 9001 certification and production is carried out according to "GMP" standards.
All too frequently, some products are unfortunately contaminated in their natural state by pollutants such as mercury, PCB or dioxins. The purification process that gives OM3vital its exceptional concentration also makes its possible to eliminate all impurities frequently found in both farmed and wild fish. Heavy metal levels (iron, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, copper) and other pollutants (DDE, DDT, HCB) are certified below detection level. In particular, PCB levels from OM3vital batches are below or equal to 90 µg/kg, more than twenty times lower than the norms set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (2000 µg /kg), and more than ten times less than WHO norms (1000 µg/kg). The level of dioxins is under 2 picogTEQ/g, in accordance with European regulations.
This guarantee of purity is essential for a natural sea-derived product, given the frequency of contamination of marine products.

Characteristic/ImpurityUpper limitUnit
Acid level2mg KOH/g
Iode level400g I2/100g
Peroxide level10meqO2/kg
Anisidine level20-
Dioxins2pico WHO TEQ/g
Vitamin AN/D*microg/g
Vitamin DN/D*microg/g
* Non detectable  

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