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I got my hands on this article and think it is pretty good, but not 100% accurate, at least not for the full blown fitness performance athletes, but it is an excellent article on the Top Foods to Fuel Your Workout by Laurel House from Planet Green for the majority of the population and for those trying to simplify thier life, get fit and unclutter the mess of nutrition confusion. Stay focused. Do what is best fo you. Practice common sense. Don't get confused. See if you agree with Laurel and let's discuss the details in the comments. Enjoy this. >> http://empowerednutrition.com/top-foods-to-fuel-your-workout If you want to get a really good workout, you have to remember to fuel it. It may seem counter-intuitive, but consuming some calories before, during and after your workout will actually help you to burn more calories. Conveniently, the greatest foods for fueling your green exercise are often the greenest: natural, whole, organic local foods. [but you don't always have to shop organic] Food is your body’s fuel. But don’t just go out and grab a candy bar and consider yourself adequately gassed up. Though they aren’t called “candy bars,” many of your favorite “energy” and “protein” bars are loaded with just as much sugar as a chocolate bar. So how do you know what’s “healthy” when it comes…

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In fact, it's just the opposite: Befriend the right foods, and the pounds are much more likely to peel off than if you just try to cut calories across the board. Here are 7 foods that help you lose weight and make things work and keep you lean and healthy. Seven foods known to nutritionists to boost your body's fat-burning potential. Foods That Help You Lose Weight Not all foods are evil. They aren't all out there to make you fat and lazy.


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Among the many things happening August 28 thru 31 I will also be attending and taking part in a HUGE Fitness Industry Event with my good buddy Vince Delmonte among many other fitness and lifestyle professionals and a whole lot more fun loving fitness enthusiasts just like you. Yeah that sounds totally odd and just for the record I am NOT rushing the end of the summer.