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By: Emerald Turf  09-12-2011
Keywords: Valves, Irrigation Systems, rotor

Whether used in residential, commercial, or athletic field applications, the 5000 Plus Series promises to deliver "The Next Evolution in Rotor Performance". Only Rainbird rotors feature rain curtain technology for superior water distribution and green grass results. The rain curtain nozzle delivers optimum distribution evenly across the entire radius range. It delivers larger water droplets which are less susceptible to wind, minimizing misting and airborne evaporation.

With the Falcon 6504 rotor, you can have it all -- uncompromising performance, superior distribution, reliability, and durability. Rain Curtain nozzles maximize performance and coverage. Heavy-duty construction makes the Falcon 6504 one of the toughest rotors in the field. The Falcon 6504 is ideal for large turf sites such as parks, athletic fields, schools and commercial sites with spacing up to 65 feet.

The 3500 Series Rotor is a top adjust, intermediate range gear driven rotor that delivers convenience and performance.  It performs well in areas that a rotor is needed but are too small for a 5000 series rotor.  Their watering range distance is around 12’ to 20’.  They, like the 5000, feature the rain curtain nozzle for superior water distribution and green grass results.

The 1800 Series sprayhead is so versatile that it can be used in landscaping or grass depending on your watering needs.  The variety of nozzle sizes and spray patterns allow virtually any landscape or grass area to be watered thoroughly and efficiently.

DV Series Sprinkler Valve

Because valves are the heart of your irrigation system, you can depend on these heavy duty, long-lasting valves. Even in harsh soil and dirty water conditions, non-clogging DV Valves ensure consistant performance for a healthy, lush landscape. It’s heavy duty construction protects against extreme temperature and high water pressures.

PEB Valve
These are tough, dependable valves that can efficiently handle any challenge, from debris in the water to uneven water pressure. They are generally used on large systems with over a 1” water supply or a pump system. They have the lowest pressure loss rating, which keeps sprinklers working efficiently even if water pressure drops.Their heavy duty construction can withstand higher pressure than the conventional plastic valves.

The ESP 4Mi is flexible, simple to use, reliable and affordable.  It is also available in an outdoor timer. Multiple programs give you the flexibility to accommodate the diverse watering needs of different plants and those areas of your lawn and garden that get more sun or shade, saving you water and money. Each program can have multiple start times, allowing you the flexibility to run programs several times a day for shorter lengths of time, helping you maintain a healthier lawn and garden. The water budget feature allows you to easily increase or decrease watering schedules without re‑programming, so you don’t have to waste time at the controller. The built in 5-year lithium battery keeps time, date and watering schedules intact during power outages, so relax and enjoy your landscape, worry-free.

ESP -LX Modular Series Irrigation Controller
The ESP -LX is very similar to the ESP 4 Mi.  Although it may have a few more options, it is used mainly on larger residential or commercial properties that need more stations than the 4Mi can offer.  It is a flexible, reliable, and easy to use 8 station timer with 2 models to choose from.  One model is strictly for indoor use and one is for outdoor use.  It can expand up to 32 stations with expansion modules.
The Rain Bird RSD Series Rain Sensor is a durable and visually pleasing rain shut off device suitable for residential and commercial applications. This high quality product saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.
This dripline is the next generation in pressure compensating inline emitter tubing, delivering unmatched clog-resistance for long term reliability. It is ideal for ground cover, mixed plantings, slope plantings and hedge rows.

Keywords: Irrigation Systems, rotor, Valves, Water Distribution

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