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By: Emerald City Gamefest  09-12-2011

Meetup Reminder The Eastside RPG Meetup Group Your group has a Meetup tomorrow! You still need to RSVP. What Gamers gathering When Saturday, July 18, 2009 12:00 PM Where Wizards Toy Box Game Club 16213 NE 18th St. Belleuve Bellevue WA 98008 206.755.6356 For more information, to subscribe, or to RSVP, go to the East [..]

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Created by Seattle game designer John Harper, Danger Patrol is a quick-start role-playing game where players take the roles of pulp science-fiction heroes. Character creation takes only a few minutes and play is quick and fairly simple, revolving around elements of danger added on-the-fly. Last night we tried the beta playtest version of Danger Patrol.


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This PDF-only file features in-game factoids about the creature, and a GM-only section with further information, ideas on how to use the kaiju, three alternate Turtlezilla write-ups, and an Actual Play report on how the creature was used in the designer's original playtest game. The Real World Sourcebook for the Dead Inside RPG * Written by Chad Underkoffler * Art by Scott Kane, Chris Cooper, and Chad Underkoffler * ASM-012.


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I’m not going to repeat his ideas here, I’d rather you read it from him, but I.