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By: Embedtek  09-12-2011

Embedtek provides embedded computers designed to meet the exacting requirements of our customers applications. We specialize in applications that have demanding environmental, mechanical, electrical and ergonomic requirements and that demand a specific set of I/O that may not be served by off the shelf components or software.

We leverage commercial off the shelf standards and formfactors and augment them as necessary with engineered hardware and software to create the best performance that makes our customers product more compelling.

We have existing platforms designed for industrial automation, marine, security, medical and other industries. These platforms can be quickly optimized for new customer applications or new platforms can be quickly created to make a perfect fit.

Compact Rugged Systems

Our line of compact, rugged systems are small reliable systems customized for our customers applications.

  • Broad range of processor and chipset options
  • Integration of customer specified I/O
  • Fanless/solid state devices
  • Revision controlled, long life platforms
  • Robust environmental performance
  • Designed to international safety and regulatory standards
  • IP 67 configurations
  • Embedded and full OS options

Image Processors

High performance, small form factor systems for processing and generating images for simulation and training, medical, digital signage, entertainment and other applications.

  • Scalable performance
  • Robust thermal and mechanical design
  • Embedded class revision controlled, long life systems
  • Rack mount and wall mount options
  • High thermal and shock/Vibration tolerance
  • Embedded and full OS options
  • Integration of customer supplier or specified video processors

Vehicle & Marine Systems

Embedded systems customized for the mechanical, electrical and environmental challenges posed by in vehicle/craft implementation.

  • High shock and vibration tolerance
  • Water resistant and water proof
  • Extreme thermal environments
  • Custom I/O and interconnects
  • Integration with on board power and controls

Embedded Controllers

Compact, purpose built systems integrated with I/O and software for machine, building and other control systems.

  • Intel, ARM and other processor based
  • Standard and custom integrated I/O and Software
  • Solid state options or actively cooled
  • Embedded OS

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Other products and services from Embedtek


Custom Displays & Touch Screens

Customized displays to meet the environmental, ergonomic, branding, I/O and other requirements of OEM's providing the perfect display solution. Integration of customer’s branding - logo's, color scheme, plastics, etc. Designed to integrate in customers enclosure or mount separately. Designed for standard, harsh environments and in between. Aluminum and plastic enclosures designed to suit. Optical bonding of touchscreens and/or overlays.


EmbedTek - Custom Electronics

We are adept at most common embedded computing software environments including Visual basic, C++, Windows .NET, I2C, JAVA, Embedded Linux, Microsoft Embedded OS's, vision and motion controls software, video scalars, etc. We integrate the software that enables hardware from many disparate providers and standards into one commercial, robust system platform that our customers can rely upon.


EmbedTek - Panel PC's

Our approach allows us to leverage our proven panel designs while making your desired customizations with minimal cost and additional development time. We have 20 years of Embedded Computing experience and have been embedding computers into LCD panels since it was feasible/practical. Integrated LCD panel computer with I/O, video and other application specific capabilities optimized to customer requirements. Qty - 2.5 inch internal drives.