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By: Emarketer  09-12-2011

Our clients include:

  • 750 Companies in 70 Countries
  • 10 of Top 10 Global Advertisers
  • 10 of Top 10 National Advertisers
  • 22 of Top 25 Media Companies
  • 15 of Top 15 Media Agencies
  • 19 of Top 20 Digital Agencies
  • 21 of Top 25 Agencies Ranked Across All Disciplines

Why do these companies rely on eMarketer?

Stay on top of trends.

eMarketer helps you and your colleagues keep up with the changing, competitive and complex digital marketplace.

Save time and resources.

Get quick and easy access to the information you need—in one place. eMarketer invests in usability, which means our information is easy to find, and easy to use.

Allocate digital dollars effectively and drive revenue.

Back up business cases with facts and figures from multiple sources and eMarketer's reliable forecasts—and be confident that your budget is being allocated correctly.

Validate decisions with
data and compelling presentations.

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eMarketer Executive View - eMarketer

Whether you're a busy executive doing high-level brand strategy or someone spending all day working in the social media space, eMarketer is a great source of information for all things digital. Digital is increasingly important to our overall marketing strategy, so it's equally important that everyone involved is up to speed with the latest digital trends.