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By: Elke Cole  09-12-2011

Site Visit

You are considering the purchase of a piece of land and need help evaluating good building sites


You have the location and your mind is rich with plans: what now?

This is a good time to call for a site visit to explore the design possibilities and realities of your site. This may be a first get to know each other meeting as well if you are looking for further design services.

A typical site visit last 2-4 hours and is an information exchange.

Owner-builder support

You have your plans and you are ready to go into the construction of your natural home. You’ve learned the skills and have help and materials ready.

I can offer ongoing support either on site or long distance to troubleshoot and problem-solve when the going gets tough. Advice on materials, detailing and scheduling, answering how-to questions and what’s next.

Permaculture design integration

How will your house fit into the bigger plan for you land and activities?

How can we create a permaculture plan with an existing house?

How can we minimize our footprint on the land and create harmonious relationships between buildings and land?

Take a closer look with mapping, visioning and understanding the conditions for your ideas.

Other products and services from Elke Cole


Natural Homes designed by Elke Cole

Is a hybrid building featuring dry stone foundation, cob and straw bale exterior walls, light clay interior walls, earthen floors and natural plasters. Recycled materials compliment the natural choices: reclaimed 2×6 T&G boards for the floors, 1×6 ceiling boards and galvanized metal siding. This home is situated on a steep south facing slope which became key to the design. The Art Studio has three distinct components.


Your natural home | Elke Cole

We are trying to bring family together and teach our children and grandchildren that a big house filled with expensive stuff does not make a home and we’re hoping that these next two generations and many to follow will realize the beauty of a simpler life, of family, friends and community.


Services | Elke Cole

Could your project benefit from a handful of enthusiastic learners. Does your school or organization teach about sustainability. Are you looking for team building in a fun and engaging way. Are you building a natural home.


Natural Homes by Elke Cole

2010Natural Home and B&B, Mayne Island, BCNatural Family Home Errington, BCCob Bath House, O.U.R.Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, BCEagleyew, Shawnigan Lake, BCKitchen building for Baobab Home, Bagamoyo Tanzania. 2006Residential Development plan, O.U.R. Ecovillage, Shawnigan LakeBrocklehurst Residence, hybrid, Gabriola IslandStraw bale residence, Pender Island.


Inspire your audience | Elke Cole

It is my pleasure to share stories, insights and images with your audience: schools, public events and university classes will gain insight and inspiration. I will be traveling in Europe during the Fall of 2011, and in Tanzania during the winter 2011/2012 and welcome opportunities in these areas. Natural Building, including Earth building and Straw bale construction.