Natural Homes by Elke Cole

By: Elke Cole  09-12-2011
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Elke Cole Design chronological overview

Architectural Design:

Terri & Caito’s Home, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Natural Home and B&B, Mayne Island, BC
Natural Family Home Errington, BC
Cob Bath House, O.U.R.Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, BC
Eagleyew, Shawnigan Lake, BC
Kitchen building for Baobab Home , Bagamoyo Tanzania

Store for Twiga Group, Mnenia Village, Tanzania

Ubuyu 1 for Baobab Home, Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Silent Motion Yoga Studio reception, Nanaimo, BC
Serena’s house, Kykotsmovi, Arizona

Development plan for Baobab Home , Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Cob Office for Baobab Home,Bagamoyo, Tanzania
C&C Natural Home, Mayne Island,BC,
Freya’s house, O.U.R.Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake
Williams Cob home, near George West, Texas
Taylor  natural home , Gabriola Island, BC
Mathison cob house, Mayne Island, BC

House for Mama Rehema, Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Xocolat Residence , Puerto Viejo,  Costa Rica
Family home , Cob hybrid,  Salt Spring Island, BC

Residential Development plan, O.U.R. Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake
Brocklehurst Residence, hybrid, Gabriola Island
Straw bale residence, Pender Island

Art Studio, O.U.R.Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake
Meditation Hall , Buddha Smiles , Kaniyambadi, South India
Artisan Bakery, straw bale, Comox,

Buddha Smiles School, Kaniyambadi, South India
Nowak Residence, straw bale/ cob, Pender Island
Niedziela Residence, cob/ light clay, Salt Spring Island
Young Residence, cob/ light clay, Highlands Saanich Peninsula

OUR Ecovillage, Healing Sanctuary, Shawnigan Lake
Czepleski, Residence, cob, Mayne Island
Grout, cob studio, Courtenay

Cobworks Office, Cob, Mayne Island
Glen Echo Vineyards, Cob Cottage, Mayne Island
Calvert, Residence, Straw Bale, Mayne Island
Markley, Residence, Straw Bale, Bainbridge Island

Spiering, Residence, Straw Bale, Pemberton
Dr.Pandeya, 3-room rejuvenation cabin, Cob, Salt Spring Island

Fairbanks, Addition, Black Creek
Fitzell, Summer House, Mayne Island
Beaver Meadow Farm, Addition, Comox

Home, Addition, Courtenay
Bar None Café, Courtyard, Courtenay
Melnuk, Art studio, Straw Bale, Courtenay

Workshop building, Straw Bale, Quadra Island
Yeo, Addition, Comox
Kilian, Residence, Courtenay

Brussels, Residence, Straw Bale/ Cob, Cortes Island

Barker, Residence, Straw Bale, Cortes Island
Campbell, Residence, Campbell River
Cole Residence, Courtenay

Natural Building Projects/ Workshops/ Roles:

100 square foot Strawbale Buildings , O.U.R.Ecovillage, concept, instructor,
Cob bathhouse, O.U.R.Ecovillage, design, site lead, instructor
Kitchen building, Bagamoyo, Tanzania, design, project leader
Village store, Mnenia, Tanzania, deisgn, project leader

Freya’s House, O.U.R. Ecovillage, designer, instructor
House for a Hopi Woman, Kykotsmovi, Arizona, Design and workshop leader
Cob Office, Bagamoyo, Tanzania, designer, site lead, instructor
Repair work for Buddha Smiles school Kanyambadi, Tamil Nadu India, workshop leader, site lead
Williams House, Texas, workshop leader, designer
Art Studio at O.U.R.Ecovillage, project lead and instructor

OUR Ecovillage , Shawnigan Lake, instructor
Eco-sense residence, Victoria, workshop leader
Xocolat residence , Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, instructor designer and consultant
Margarets woodland workshop, Duncan, instructor and consultant
Mama Rehema’s house, Bagamoyo, Tanzania,  project leader and instrucor

Straw Bale home, Pender Island, project management support, bale and earth plaster contract
OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, instructor
TF Guild north american conference, Parksville, guest speaker

Buddha Smiles School, Kaniyambadi, South India, Design and workshop leader
Design and People, Kochi, Kerala, India guest presenter
OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, project leader and instructor

International Earth Building Conference, Berlin, Germany, Guest Speaker
Buddha Smiles School, Kaniyambadi, South India, Design and workshop leader
Cob oven workshop, Quilcene, Wa., workshop leader and design consultant
Village Building Convergence, Portland, site leader
OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, project leader and instructor

Cob house, Courtenay, design and workshop leader
OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, Project leader and instructor
Cob Sculpture, Fulford Harbour, contract

OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, Cob sauna addition, workshop leader
Cob Bathhouse, Mayne Island, workshop leader and finishing contract
Cobworks apprentice program, Mayne Island, project leader, instructor, program development
Ayurvedic Kuti, Salt Spring Island, finishing work
Orchard house, Cawston, Straw Bale building workshop leader
Natural Builder’s Convergence, Portland, project leader, presenter

Straw bale house, Denman Island, workshop series, instructor
Cob Guest House, Mayne Island, 2 workshops and finishing contract
Ayurvedic Kuti, Salt Spring Island, design and contractor
Orchard house, Cawston, Cob workshop instructor
Cob Oven and patio seating, Shawnigan Lake, design and workshop leader
Cob Oven and patio seating with garden wall, Mayne Island, workshop leader
Guest instructor at Cob Cottage Natural Building School, Oregon

Sculpted Cob Patio wall and oven, Courtenay, design and workshop leader, finishing contract
Freeman residence, Denman Island, consultant and co- leader of crew
Cob Guest House, Mayne Island, finishing contract

Cob Guest House, Mayne Island, workshop leader
Cob cabin, Lasqueti Island, workshop leader
Cob Guest House, Denman Island, workshop leader
Cob Café, Bella Coola, workshop leader for Down to Earth Building Bee
Cob Greenhouse, Merville, workshop leader
Art studio, Courtenay, renovation with earthen plaster, contract

Cob Café, Bella Coola, workshop leader for Down to Earth Building Bee
Cob Guest House, Mayne Island, workshop instructor

Designing with Nature, Denman Island, workshop leader

Cob Guest House, Sooke, workshop co- instructor
Straw Bale House, Courtenay, owner builder

Keywords: House

Other products and services from Elke Cole


Natural Homes designed by Elke Cole

Is a hybrid building featuring dry stone foundation, cob and straw bale exterior walls, light clay interior walls, earthen floors and natural plasters. Recycled materials compliment the natural choices: reclaimed 2×6 T&G boards for the floors, 1×6 ceiling boards and galvanized metal siding. This home is situated on a steep south facing slope which became key to the design. The Art Studio has three distinct components.


Your natural home | Elke Cole

We are trying to bring family together and teach our children and grandchildren that a big house filled with expensive stuff does not make a home and we’re hoping that these next two generations and many to follow will realize the beauty of a simpler life, of family, friends and community.


Project Support for you | Elke Cole

This is a good time to call for a site visit to explore the design possibilities and realities of your site. You are considering the purchase of a piece of land and need help evaluating good building sites. Advice on materials, detailing and scheduling, answering how-to questions and what’s next. You have your plans and you are ready to go into the construction of your natural home.


Services | Elke Cole

Could your project benefit from a handful of enthusiastic learners. Does your school or organization teach about sustainability. Are you looking for team building in a fun and engaging way. Are you building a natural home.


Inspire your audience | Elke Cole

It is my pleasure to share stories, insights and images with your audience: schools, public events and university classes will gain insight and inspiration. I will be traveling in Europe during the Fall of 2011, and in Tanzania during the winter 2011/2012 and welcome opportunities in these areas. Natural Building, including Earth building and Straw bale construction.