Upgrade your TEC to WinTEC2

By: Electromotive Inc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fuel, fuel injection

Electromotive's newest version of the ever increasingly popular WinTEC Calibration Software for TEC-1 and TEC-II products.

WinTEC2 brings the world of programmable Fuel Injection to Today's Street and Hot Roders both Import and Domestic.

New Features for WinTEC2 Calibration Software:

Version 2.1.2

  • Win9x / NT 4.0 compatibility
  • Automated VE Table Calibration - The New Automatic VE Table Calibration Process allows the User to input data from either the TEC Unit as the Data Source or from a current DATALOG "DAT" File to completely Automate VE Table creation process.
  • On The FLY TEC Data Updates - This allows the tuner to change various data parameters on the TEC, from many of the Tables and Parameter Windows "On The FLY" while the Engine is running to help speed up the Tuning process.
  • Expanded GPO Templates - Along with the current GPO table, Electromotive has added 6 new Templates that greatly improve the functionality of the GPO Interface.
  • Expanded EGO Sensor Calibration Points - Now you can calibrate the EGO sensor of your choice to work with the advanced Proportional Air Fuel Ratio Tables of the WinTEC2 Calibration Software.
  • Variable EGO sensor Start-Up delay - More EGO Sensor Parameters to optimize your calibration settings.
  • User Adjustable Fuel Pump Start-Up - Tailors the TEC to your fuel delivery system.
  • Fuel Flow Information - Displayed on the Engine Monitor Screen in Liters or Gallons per hour.
  • Multiple Data Logging Graph Overlay - For fast identification of critical points.
  • On Screen EPROM and .BIN File Identification - putting the current working software version at the tuner's finger tips.
  • Upgraded Fuel and Pulsewidth Display - Now Real-Time from the TEC
  • Fully backward compatible .BIN file Conversion - Allowing for a seamless transition.
  • All tables now have ROW, COLUMN and FULL table editing - making adjustments even quicker than ever.

Download a full version of the latest WinTEC2 software:
View the Software Users Guide:
You must, however, have the WinTEC2 EPROM in your TEC-I or TEC-II to be able to use this software with your car.

Keywords: Fuel, fuel injection

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