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By: Electromotive Inc  09-12-2011
Keywords: engine, control system, fuel injection

Engine Management System
The new TEC³ represents the current in state-of-the-art fuel injection and direct ignition control integrated into one revolutionary package. The TEC³ is a PC-programmable engine control system featuring a powerful Windows-based tuning environment. Converting from carburetion to fuel injection has never been easier than with the TEC³. Whether you choose to run throttle body injection, multi-port, or individual throttle bodies,the TEC³ will provide you with the ability to tune your engine to its peak capabilities.
Street enthusiasts will enjoy the benefits of a ‘distributorless’ ignition system that not only is infinitely adjustable, accurate, and powerful, but also gives you improved firewall clearance and freedom from all those ignition amplification boxes that you used to run in the past. If you are running an aggressive profile camshaft, idle control has always proven to be problematic for lesser engine management systems, but not for the TEC³. Within the WinTEC software resides our exclusive ‘TPS/MAP Idle Blend’ table. With a few clicks of the keyboard, you will enjoy an idle quality that other engine management systems only dream of having.
For competition and ultra high output engines, the sophistication and power of the TEC³ system simply out-performs other production and aftermarket systems. With full control of the engine over all possible operating conditions, outputs that will control nitrous, boost, VTEC, and other devices, new rev-limiters with ‘Triple Smooth’ technology, and On-Board Data Acquisition, the TEC³ gives you Total Engine Control..and makes the competition green with envy!

The TEC³ Engine Control Unit

The new TEC³ ECU incorporates the winning features of our previous TEC-2 system while adding an abundance of new features and a powerful new processing platform. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) control and patented digital Direct Ignition control is standard hardware for every TEC3. The anodized, laser-etched ECU with waterproof OEM style connectors and harness may be mounted under the hood or in the passenger compartment and will activate separate multi-coil DFU’s (Direct Fire Units) mounted adjacent to (or on) the engine.

Standard features built in to the TEC³:

  • PC programmable and configurable for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, cyl. engines and Rotories with a 12 cyl.and 6 cyl dual plug option
  • Operate in Open or Closed loop
  • Run True Sequential, Phased Sequential or Simultaneous Injection with individual cylinder trim
  • Configurable for TBI, MPI, TPI and individual throttle bodies
  • Additional Injector Output Drivers built-in. Run Low or High impedance injectors
  • Full 150 mJ of Spark Energy directly to the plugs without misfire
  • New Dual Rev Limiters with ‘Triple Smooth Technology’. 1st step retards timing to a negative -12º degrees. 2nd step cuts coil current in half. 3rd step coil current and fuel are cut-off. all three steps occurring within milliseconds!
  • Waste Gate (Boost Control), Nitrous Control with up to 4 stage retard available
  • Four Programmable GPO’s (General Purpose Outputs) to control or activate VTEC, Shift Lights, Water Pumps and Fans, A/C Compressor, Torque Converter and more.
  • New Programmable Adjustable Electronic Tachometer Output
  • Uses primarily GM type sensors
  • Diagnostic monitoring with codes issued through Check Engine Light
  • Easy to install bolt-on Trigger Wheel and Mag Sensor Kits available for many applications
  • Made in the USA
  • Keywords: control system, engine, Engine Control, Engine Control System, fuel injection, Ignition System

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