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By: Electromotive Inc  09-12-2011
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The Direct Ignition Advantage
What separates Electromotive's sophisticated Engine Control from those of other manufacturers, is its patented, industry leading Direct Fire Ignition system. With both the stand-alone HPX ignition systems and the Total Engine Control systems, Electromotive utilizes a 58-tooth crank trigger wheel. This “high resolution” signal feeds continuous information to custom ignition chips so that error is virtually eliminated. This "high resolution" circuitry is used to accurately determine both the coil charge time and the Ignition Event in actual angular values (degrees of crank rotation). This eliminates the dynamic error that the competition suffers from. Others may claim ¼º degree accuracy, but without this accurate crankshaft position information, they’re just wishing.
Every Engine Control system from Electromotive uses multiple ignition coils and advanced, automatically adjusting dwell circuits to assure the coils are fully charged every time. The powerful spark of this patented system delivers this full spark energy directly to the plugs without misfires. Unlike multi-spark CD systems that from around 3000 RPM just give you a single very short duration spark, Electromotive puts a full 150mJ of spark energy to the plugs with a spark duration more than ten times the duration of a CD spark from idle to 9600 RPM. This long duration spark makes more power!
FIRST SOLUTION: the C.D.(Capacitive Discharge) Ignition. This Ignition does not CHARGE the Ignition Coil, rather it uses the 1:100 Winding ratio as a TRANSFORMER. First the 12 volts of your electrical system is converted to 200-500 volts and stored in a CAPACITOR, when the SPARK is needed the CAPACITOR is DISCHARGED into your Ignition Coil, Instantly producing a SPARK of 30,000 to 50,000 volts with a DURATION of only 0.1 to 0.3 milliseconds (0.0003 seconds).. this is NOT A LONG SPARK !
SUPERIOR SOLUTION: Multiple Coil Ignition Systems. By using an Ignition Coil for every pair of companion Cylinders, the TIME available to CHARGE an Ignition coil goes up by a factor of 4 on an 8cyl Engine. This allows you to use the advantages inherent in an INDUCTIVE SPARK.. this uses only enough voltage to ARC the gap of the Spark Plug and dissipates the rest of the SPARK ENERGY in DURATION ! up to over 2 Milliseconds (that's over 90 degrees at 8000 RPM) This MAKES MORE POWER !
So, no matter which of our Products you choose, you will always know that the Ignition System is STATE OF THE ART and READY FOR ANYTHING !

Current Product Offerings:
The TEC combines state-of-the-art fuel injection with the industry leading Direct Ignition System, replacing the existing carburetor or fuel injection system, ignition, distributor and coil. The use of advanced, digital computer based technology offers the absolute best power delivery, smoothest driveability and lowest emissions possible.
Unlike any other fuel control system, TEC needs only two inputs to establish the base fuel curve. Where other systems rely on huge tables that must be filled with individual pulse width values, TEC is based on thermodynamically linear fuel delivery. You get up and running quicker with greater flexibility and better results than any other system available.

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Automated VE Table Calibration - The New Automatic VE Table Calibration Process allows the User to input data from either the TEC Unit as the Data Source or from a current DATALOG "DAT" File to completely Automate VE Table creation process. Expanded EGO Sensor Calibration Points - Now you can calibrate the EGO sensor of your choice to work with the advanced Proportional Air Fuel Ratio Tables of the WinTEC2 Calibration Software.


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Long burn times assure effective burning of even lean fuel mixtures.The brain of the XDI includes dual digital microprocessors using patented spark algorithms, which takes the electrical signal from the crankshaft sensor, identifies the two missing teeth and then keeps track of the remaining 58 teeth.


Electromotive Service Department

You can the service department through normal channels.When returning merchandise for repair, you MUST receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Service Department Electromotive is committed to supporting their products, no matter which of the systems you choose. Items received without RMA numbers may be returned to the sender at Electromotive's discretion.


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