ElectroCraft SolidPower™ Brand Housed AC Motors

By: Electrocraft  09-12-2011

With ElectroCraft’s SolidPower motors, you can select from a wide range of head, shell and mounting configurations, as well as speeds and electrical types. Plus, we can customize output shafts with a variety of flats, keyways, splines, tapers, threads or cross holes to meet you specific requirements.

Not sure which SolidPower is right for you? Contact your local ElectroCraft sales representative to help you.

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ElectroCraft Product Brands & Technologies

ElectroCraft products use high quality materials and engineering to ensure your stock, configured, or custom motor or motion product works as expected each and every time. With motors and motion systems, you need to know that they will work consistently throughout the life-cycle of your product, regardless of how long that may be.


ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Plus Brand Linear Actuators

Based on modified hybrid stepping motors, our AxialPower Plus motors are capable of producing linear forces up to 800 pounds and resolutions up to 0.000125" per 1.8° step. The reliability and precision of our AxialPower Plus and L3 motors come from using only the highest quality parts. We use stainless steel to increase the durability of our actuating leadscrews.


ElectroCraft RapidPower™, DB, E, & EXC-Series Brand Brushless DC Motors

By utilizing M-8 ceramic and rare-earth neodymium magnets, our BLDC motors provide the quick acceleration and consistent speed (up to 15,000 rpm) needed for applications such as centrifuges, fans and pumps. Sealed ball bearings and reduced torque ripple from skewed magetization also ensure a smooth operation at any speed. The ElectroCraft RapidPower™, EXC, and E-Series are fast, low vibration BLDC motors.