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By: Electric Scooter Toronto  09-12-2011

Sigh…. Summer’s over and September’s here. With September’s chill now in the air, any sort of e-scooter riding will be limited unless I dress warm.  A few weeks ago, my wife and I went exploring the city with our e-scooters. We ended up riding our e-scooters along Commissioners Street. It’s a wide and sometimes bumpy [..]

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Electric Scooter Toronto Sightings – Weekend Around Town

I am stopped dead in my tracks when I spot a fellow electric scooter rider. Admittedly, I am shy to approach them, but I DO stop and stare. The first electric scooter I saw was a Blue Avenue one.


TEV Bikes open for business - electric scooter toronto where to buy

Our plan today, being the thrifty folks we are, was to hit the No Frills on Parliament Street along with a plan to visit Absolute Bakery & Cafe which is supposed to have. Sunny and warm, without a hint of humidity.


TEV Bikes open for business - electric scooter stores

You can’t miss it because the front of the store is painted bright green and the kick ass eagle logo is hard to miss. The store address is 1007 Bloor Street West, about 1 block west of Dovercourt. TEV Bikes is now ready and open for business.


Electric Scooter Toronto: Craigslist Listing

We’re approaching mid-summer and it looks like there are a good number of people selling their electric scooter on Craigslist for one reason or another. I can’t tell what type of e-scooter it. Their loss can be your gain.


Electric Scooter Riding footage

Once where gas-powered scooters were the way to go, the e-scooters are experiencing an explosion in popularity. After quite a bit of research, my wife and I recently purchased an electric scooter. Toronto’s new It vehicle are the electric scooters.


City of Toronto Bans Ebikes from Bike Lanes

Expect more accidents with ebikes, automobiles and cyclists, since the City of Toronto banned ebikes and electric scooters from bicycle lanes. There’s no room to ride whatsoever.