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By: Ekatetra  09-12-2011
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The EkaPad system (or EkaPackage) is the most exciting new way for you to enter text into your computer. The complete package includes the EkaPad, EkaHand, Sweater Guard, USB Cable (1m), Wooden Desk Stand, Travel Pouch, QuickStart and OnRamp manuals, Cheat Sheet, Crib Card, and CD-ROM containing additional support materials.

The EkaPad is a 12 key chording text and data entry device. The EkaPad combines 12 keys (like a phone), letter frequencies (simple chords for common letters), and a comfortable size to hold in your hand. The carefully designed and tested ergonomic key geometry and case structure make it easy and comfortable to use.

Characters, commands and functions are chorded with one, two or three fingers. Upper case letters and many symbols use a prefix chord also. EkaPad is a lot more than just a single handed, small, and pocketable data entry device; it has all the functions, characters, and symbols of a 107 key professional keyboard. Works best in one handed use with an EkaHand or a Desk Stand, both provided in the EkaPackage. Can be held in one hand and chorded with the other. Can also be used laying flat on a desk top.

The EkaPad works with and supports all keyboard operations in Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux.

The EkaPad is a keyboard for one hand, designed for handheld and desktop computer use. Its tested training materials make the EkaPad easy to understand; its ergonomic shape and scientifically assigned chords help you become competent quickly.

The EkaPad also incorporates 99 user programmable registers for keyboard shortcuts, and another 99 Keep registers. You can store passwords, letterheads, frequently used complex phrases, or often needed lists. And Keep can be password protected.

The EkaPad technology is a completely new approach to entering text (and all keyboard characters) into computers and digital devices of all kinds. It is no longer tied to the legacy technology of typewriting nor is it an adaptation of a desktop keyboard. The unique easy entry EkaPad technology makes single handed text entry a reality.

The EkaPad standard color is silver pad side and black back.

Keywords: desk, keyboard, Wooden Desk

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EkaTetra: Products: USB Cables

The EkaTetra cables each have as connectors a 5 Pin Mini B (for the EkaPad) on one end and a standard USB A (for the USB port on a computer) on the other end. This length is long enough to reach over and around a large desk when plugging into an under desk computer. Meter cable (36 inches) is supplied.


EkaTetra: Products: EkaHand

The EkaHand is a 1.5 x 1.5 x 3/8 inch unique device easily held on your thumb with OneWrap™ which attaches to, and supports the EkaPad with DualLock®. Comes with a Sweater Guard so the hooks on the Velcro® OneWrap™ doesn't hook to clothing that you might be wearing. You become free of your desk or any work surface.


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The Eka Package includes the EkaPad, EkaHand, Sweater Guard, USB cable, Wooden Desk Stand, Travel Pouch, Cheat Sheet, Crib Card, Tools CD, Quick Start and OnRamp manuals. The EkaPad is a 12 key chording keyboard that does everything a full-size, 107-key, QWERTY keyboard can do, and more. The EkaHand is a unique device that attaches your thumb to the EkaPad and allows you to chord single-handedly.