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By: Ek Hitec  09-12-2011
Keywords: commercial buildings, Raw Materials, Vinyl Products

EK Hitec Industries is specialised in manufacturing Vinyl Roofings for residential and commercial buildings and structures. All materials for producing our vinyl products are 100% fresh raw materials from PETRONAS Malaysia.

A Commitment to Quality Control

Vinyl roofing membranes are factory-manufactured to strict quality control requirements, minimizing the risk inherent in field-constructed built-up systems. Professional expertise is available every step of the way, from manufacturer-based technical advisers who consult on all aspects of a project from design concept to installation, to applicators specifically trained in vinyl roofing installation techniques.

A full complement of manufacturer-authorised adhesives, insulation, sealants, plates, fasteners, flashing components for a long service life, along with a wide array of product and installation warranties. Warranties can range from 10 to 25 years.

Energy Efficiency
- A Hallmark

White of light-colored vinyl roofing membranes achieve some of the highest solar reflectivity measures of which roofing materials are capable.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes all vinyl roofing manufacturer of the Chemical Fabrics and Film Association as ENERGY STAR(R) Partner for their commitment to continue to produce roofing products the exceed aggressive energy-efficiency criteria and to further the market's acceptance of these products.

For low-slope roofs, a roof product qualifying for the ENERGY START label must have an initial solar reflectivity of at least 65%, meaning that only 35% of solar heat is absorbed, and reflectivity of at least 50% after three years in service, in accordance with EPA testing procedures. The program's product list includes vinyl roof membranes with aged reflectivity as high as 86%. Non-reflectivity asphalt built-up roofs, by comparison, reflect between 6 percent and 26 percent solar heat.

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Inherently Fire Resistant

The composition of the vinyl polymer gives vinyl roofing membranes an inherent fire resistant not found in alternative material without the use of additives. A simple vertical fire test reveals how these membranes will self-extinguish when a flame source is removed. This is in start contract to other roofing materials that will continue to support combustion even after the flame source is no longer present. In the U.S., these systems are available with unlimited slope Underwriter Laboratories Class A fire ratings and Factory Mutual Class 1 approvals.

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Keywords: commercial buildings, Raw Materials, Vinyl Products, Vinyl Roofing Membranes