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By: Egis Protection  09-12-2011
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EGIS has designed and developed Class 2 RF Personal Protection Equipment
specifically for those working near radio broadcast and radio communication antennae.
It protects workers against the armful direct effects of non ionising electromagnetic radiation in accordance with current recommendations (Directive 2004/40/EC for European workers).This RF PPE or RF Protective Clothing is suitable for all those who carry out work of any kind on antennae where they may be exposed to non ionizing electromagnetic radiation or to significant RF fields.

The RF PPE comprises:
 A double fastening overalls.
A under combination with hood.
A balaclava with visor.
A pair of lined leather gloves.
A pair of over-socks.

The EGIS RF PPE reference 403246 & 503246, bear the CE mark in accordance with
European regulations (Directive 89/686/EEC ).

Use and Protection Level
All parts of the RF PPE must be worn (overalls, undergarment with hood, balaclava, lined leather gloves and over-socks) to cover the body from the feet to the head. Its comfort, flexibility and lightness (RF PPE Ref.403246 weighs only 1890 g ) make it particularly suitable to be worn in this way. Other Personal Protection Equipment can be worn over the EGIS , in particular PPE for working at heights, such as helmets, harness, etc.
When working in the frequency band from 80 MHz to 1000MHz, the EGIS RF PPE provides an average reduction in Specific Absorption Rate of 16 to 30 dB.

SAR: Specific Absorption Rate ; the SAR is a measurement of dosage used to define the exposure limits. The whole-body SAR for workers exposed to non-ionising electromagnetic radiation is 0,4 W/kg averaged over the whole body. Complying with this limit will protect against the risk of heating the tissues in the body.

Strict quality control
Each EGIS RF PPE is subject to a number of inspections to ensure that it meets our requirements to comfort, protection level and product quality.

RF PPE = RadioFrequency Personal Protective Equipment , Radiofrequency Personal Protection Equipment, Radiofrequency PPE, RF Protective Clothing, RF protective garment, RF protective suit.

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