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By: Effective Mentor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Information Technology, software engineering

Being focused on a hands-on approach to software engineering Knowledge-Transfer, Effective Mentor, Inc. consultants work with our clients in the following Capacities:

  • Trainers
    • Providing formal classroom education to "explain" the concepts that work in delivering solutions, based on our experience.  Formal training is just the start and is not a substitute for "doing".  As such, formal training is the primer for preparing your staff to roll-up their sleeves and "do" with the guidance of our experienced consultants, who have lived and succeeded in delivering software solutions.
  • Practitioners
    • Actively practicing with your staff in a lead/advisory role for a given project.  By actively "doing", our consultants ensure your project succeeds, while your staff (in the presence of our experienced consultants) live the experience of what it takes to realize successful software solutions that meet business needs.
  • Mentors
    • For this transition to occur, it takes a special breed of consultant.  A consultant who can "explain while doing", which enables an effective knowledge-transfer with object/component technologies, tools, and process, while successfully delivering a solution, which meets the client’s needs. 

A list of service areas to be considered within the value-added proposition of what Effective Mentor, Inc. can provide clients (in the aforementioned Capacities):

  • Effective Mentoring & Practicing Consulting on Client Projects (in a lead and/or advisory role)
    • As practitioners, we will work with your staff to ensure successful software delivery by leading your staff through the , and/or efforts.
    • As mentors, our experienced consultants will instill the best-of-breed software engineering practices, while advising and facilitating the software deliver efforts.
  • Effective Training Courses and "Hands-On" Mentoring Workshops
    • Tailored training to your organization's needs with exercises and hands-on experience in the following subject areas:
      • Model-Driven Architecture for Successful Software Delivery
      • Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) with UML
      • Requirements Management with Use Cases (RMUC)
      • Iterative-Incremental (Agile) Development with RUP
      • Business Modeling with UML
      • Principles of Effective Software Project Management with RUP
      • Software Patterns (Analysis, Design, Architecture)
      • Introduction to Object-Relational Mapping
      • Refactoring and Unit Testing (with JUnit)
      • Introduction to J2EE
      • Component Development with EJB
      • MVC (UI) Development with STRUTS - JSP and Servlets
  • Strategic/Technical Assessments
    • T o determine client readiness and develop a game plan of action to transition your organization to the "best-of-breed" software engineering practices; enabling Information Technology to realize bottom-line business value.


Effective Mentor, Inc. is not interested in providing the following type of service:

  • Becoming part of a client team as only an additional staff resource (forever and ever) – without being in a lead or advisory role, transitioning knowledge while efficiently delivering a working solution.  
    • In other words, if you are simply looking for a “pair-of-hands” to supplement your development efforts, without seeking knowledge-transfer via mentoring and active practicing leadership, we will likely pass on the opportunity.  

However, should your needs change –to where you need to effectively coach your staff and have them be mentored and led by the best in software engineering practices, while delivering a successful software solution to meet your business needs, you know where to contact us!


Keywords: Business Modeling, Information Technology, Project Management, software engineering