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By: Effective Hr  09-12-2011
Keywords: Human Resources

  • Creating Human Resources practices and setting up "departments". These can be transitioned to a company employee.

  • Assessing the executive team or Board of Directors to determine strengths and gaps – with follow-up training and recommendations made to meet company objectives.

  • Defining roles and responsibilities for executive teams and boards, and devising recruiting strategies.

  • Designing and conducting custom training programs that meet specific needs.

  • Ensuring company objectives are supported with properly trained, motivated, high quality employees.

  • Improving performance through workshops on management and interpersonal skills:

    • Performance Management/Supervision

    • Recruitment and Selection

    • Communication: Listening, Giving and Receiving Feedback

    • Working with Different Personality Types

    • Train the Trainer

  • Designing performance appraisal systems to encourage and maintain quality performance.

  • Coaching employers through the termination process to ensure the company and its employees are treated fairly and within legal requirements.

  • Developing policy manuals to clarify procedures and maximize clear communication.

  • Investigating problem areas such as turnover and compensation equity.

  • Recruiting and interviewing employees to avoid costly hiring mistakes and free managers to continue with their own responsibilities.

  • Keywords: Human Resources