Phil Schneider's Last Lecture (1995) (video description

By: Educate-yourself  09-12-2011

Phil Schneider was an extraordinarily brave man who knew that he was going to be killed because of the information he was revealing to the American public in the Spring/Summer of 1995.He was murdered on or about January 10, 1996  in Oregon. His ex-wife, Cynthia Drayer, was notified about a week after his death. Local police originally called it a natural death by stroke, but later changed it to suicide when an autopsy (insisted upon by Phil's ex-wife) revealed marks around his throat-indicating death by strangulation. Apparently, according to the Sheriff's report of "suicide", Phil was able to remove the garroting used to strangle him, prior to the police discovering his body-since they claim they couldn't find anything 'suspicious' about his death.