By: Edi  09-12-2011
Keywords: environmental assessment

EDI has extensive experience in obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for development projects including water use permits and licensing, provincial water act notifications, tenure applications, oil and gas permitting and Federal Fisheries Act authorizations.  Our services include:

  • Completing assessment and submissions to meet the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) terms of reference requirements
  • Environmental permitting and agency liaison
  • Concurrent permitting with environmental assessments in accordance with the BC Environmental Assessment Act (BCEAA), Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA), and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA)
  • Compliance auditing and effects monitoring

Keywords: environmental assessment

Other products and services from Edi


Environmental Monitoring

EDI can help plan your project to prevent sediment or other deleterious substances from entering the water and to prevent or compensate for the harmful alteration, disruption, or destruction of fish habitat. We offer environmental management and environmental monitoring services to assist our clients complete their projects in accordance with the Federal Fisheries Act. Design and implementation of sediment control structures.


Environmental Management

EDI takes a pro-active approach to environmental management by incorporating the practical expertise of our multi-disciplinary team. Bioengineering techniques to revegetate and stabilize disturbed sites, resulting in an accelerated rate of revegetation. Environmental and compensation planning to ensure no net loss of fisheries resources. Design and implementation of riparian rehabilitation plans.


Environmental Assessment

We specialize in completing timely and efficient environmental assessments for proposed developments in accordance with the BC Environmental Assessment Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the National Energy Board, the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act, and the Nunavut Impact Review Board.


First Nation & Public Engagement

We welcome opportunities to consult with special interest groups and to provide appropriate representation when liaising with industry and government officials. EDI is active in engaging First Nations groups and the public on a variety of projects and issues. Ensures due diligence and compliance with legal and regulatory environmental requirements.


Aquatic Science

We have the expertise to effectively design and implement the logistics for a program that is practical and tailored to meet project objectives. EDI provides services in a wide range of aquatic disciplines including baseline inventories, impact assessment, and mitigation planning. Riparian condition assessments with respect to stream bank stability, large woody debris input and fish habitat.


Terrestrial Science

Transect surveys, vegetation plots, browse surveys, live-trapping, radio collaring, mark-recapture methods, random stratified block population survey, pellet survey, DNA mark/recapture. We have the expertise to effectively design and implement the logistics for a program that is practical and tailored to meet project objectives.