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By: Edgeaccess  09-12-2011

The Integrated Interoperability Suite (IIS) is the most popular of EdgeAccess MCS solutions. It is an easy-to-use communications platform providing seamless interoperability between emergency services communications networks with satellite- based extensions to public or private networks. The IIS enables various agencies responding to emergency situations to communicate via satellite to available infrastructure communications such as the PSTN or WWW. Voice and Data services are fully supported as well as VPN. It includes a robust combination of technology, which includes an integration panel that simplifies installation. You don't have to be an IT professional to operate the system you just push a single button to go and a single button to stow the satellite system. Everything else is preconfigured for simple plug and play operation. It's just that easy!

EdgeAccess' Circle the Wagons Kit is preconfigured to facilitate joining the forces of communications in minutes. An integrated patch panel includes (1) external 11dbi wireless tripod antenna jack for the wireless WAN, (1) smaller antenna for local access point, (1) wired WAN port, (4) ethernet switch ports for connecting external wired devices, and (2) RJ11 external fax, modem, phone ports, and AC power connector.

Mobile Communications Systems (MCS)
    Mobile Solutions for First Responders, Local, State, Govt, & Homeland Security

EdgeAccess offers a variety of easy-to-use Mobile Communication Systems (MCS) Integrated Interoperability, Fixed Mobile, In-Motion, and Basic packaged solutions. No matter what your mobile communications needs, EdgeAccess MCS provide an independent, flexible, mobile infrastructure for your vehicle that guarantees critical communications. These systems include three key communications components that can be bundled together or individually integrated into your existing fleet of vehicles:     
Designed to integrate and converge any network infrastructure, installation can be done in minutes rather than hours. Voice, video, data and fax are all unified over one network without replacing modifying or upgrading infrastructure equipment. And, as needs change, MCS solution can be quickly upgraded or reconfigured to adapt on the fly.
Applications:      Law enforcement
Emergency Medical Services
Disaster Relief
City, State and Municipalities
Homeland Security
Mobile Broadcast Satellite Trucks Fixed-Mobile Solution
    Mobile Communications System

Hundreds of vehicles last year ranging in size from an Explorer Sport to a semi were outfitted with the Emergency Preparedness MCS Fixed Mobile Solution #EPMCS-FM2. Voice and data communications services are available on demand within four minutes of arriving on scene.

In-Motion Solution
    Mobile Communications System

The Emergency Preparedness Mobile Communications System In-Motion solution #EPMCS-IM2 is ideal for those emergency situations where communications and information are required in route for up-to-date briefing before arriving on scene.

Secure Fly-Away Kit
    Mobile Communications SystemGovernment and industry are fast adopting wireless practices to enhance speed and mobility with "carry-on" offices. The EdgeAccess VoiceWise UAD can amplify the performance of your single user mobile office by integrating voice and data communications securely over any existing wireless or satellite network. The VoiceWise is compact and lightweight enough to easily integrate with your existing suit cased sized fly-kit in minutes. By broadening the types of communications that can be transmitted through your mobile unit, VoiceWise will facilitate critical decision-making and enhance situational awareness. To ensure the safety of your mission, VoiceWise UAD provides standard integrated security with triple DES IPSec, firewall and WEP. For highly classified deployments, Voice Wise has been integrated with the Harris SecNet 11 Card. SecNet has been accepted as part of the National Security Agency's (NSA) Commercial COMSEC Embedment Program (CCEP) and operates at a high data rate (11 Mbps) in a wide variety of wireless and wired network configurations. This leading-edge technology provides Secure Wireless Local Area Networks (SWLANs) that allow Government agencies to rapidly communicate secure IP-based data, voice, and video.

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Voice Wise Universal Access Device provides a cost effective, flexible solution that enables secure, converged Voice and Data communications anytime, anywhere and with any wired or wireless network. Use of this patented technology over a satellite network unleashes as much as 37.5% more bandwidth increasing satellite providers margins while offering clear.