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By: Edgeaccess  09-12-2011

Voice Performance Enhancement Protocol, vPEPTM, is designed to increase the performance and efficiency of satellite-based voice and data applications. vPEPTM is very adaptable to even the most efficient use of bandwidth in terms of packet size and time slots. It takes advantage of several innovative optimization techniques, vPEPTM reduces the bandwidth utilization and speed data delivery over an IP network. Use of this patented technology over a satellite network unleashes as much as 37.5% more bandwidth increasing satellite providers margins while offering clear, toll-quality voice to their customers. vPEPTM, offering a measurable difference in bandwidth efficiency, is an added enhancement to EdgeAccess VoiceWise, BlueBox, and newest Rural Telephony Series, a portfolio of universal and integrated access devices for end-to-end delivery of voice, data, and IP traffic over your satellite network.

R T TM Rural Telephony Device

Voice Wise TM Universal Access Device

Voice Wise Universal Access Device (UAD) provides a cost effective, flexible solution that enables secure, converged Voice and Data communications anytime, anywhere and with any wired or wireless network. Its' innovative technology provides unrivaled voice quality and dependability, making convergence the best solution for optimizing performance.

Voice Wise sits on the Edge of your network to offer scalable last mile technology to extend deployment options and geographical reach. Consisting of a CPU, hardware, firmware, VoIP application software, VoiceWise serves as a router, DHCP, Quality of Service (QOS) Manager, Triple DES VPN Client, proxy, firewall, NAT and analog gateway — all in one lightweight unit. To accommodate demands for mobility, it also acts as a wireless access point, allowing you to easily connect phones, fax machines and laptops or create a converged wireless network infrastructure. VoiceWise is designed for change. It has flexible port density and configuration. And, it includes a unique universal WAN interface that can connect with any broadband network. As WAN standards evolve, so can VoiceWise. Instead of reinventing the entire infrastructure, WAN cards can simply be replaced for dramatic costs and times savings. Advantages:            Superior Voice Quality and Services
 Integrated NSA Approved Security
 Unparalleled Adaptability with Universal WAN and Flexible, highly
configurable telephony module
 Easily deployed with simple, fast set-up and remote
management/troubleshooting capability          


BlueBox400 enables VoIP capability for small internal networks and have no need to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The BlueBox400 access device provides a cost effective solution that enables secure, integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and data communications for an internal network.

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These systems include three key communications components that can be bundled together or individually integrated into your existing fleet of vehicles: Designed to integrate and converge any network infrastructure, installation can be done in minutes rather than hours.