By: Ecrsa  09-12-2011


Many thanks again to M.A.D, and Heather for providing a location for the AGM and Banquet.  Also, a huge thank you to Lloyd for providing the delicious spread of food.

As mentioned at the AGM, the meeting minutes from the AGM as well as the Annual Report will be posted to the website in the next few days. In the interim, here are a list of the motions as well as the outcomes of the motions.

1) Meeting minutes will be taken for organizational memory. A note taker is required for the task. Corey Oickle was nominated and unanimously appointed to the position.

2) Move to accept the Annual Report as a penultimate draft with minor copyright + calculation amendments to be incorporated prior to publishing the final document for public consumption.

3) Hiring an auditor to review current financial record keeping practices.

4) Re-structuring of current governance model to include five voting positions and four non-voting positions. The five voting positions include two Co-chairs, Treasurer, Secretary and Sponsorship Coordinator. The four non-voting positions include an equipment coordinator, volunteer coordinator, communication coordinator, and scheduling coordinator.

5) Election of 2012 Commission

Co-Chair – Aubrie (Abby) McGibbon

Co-Chair – Corey Oickle

Treasurer – Melissa Mercer

Secretary – Katherine Boone

Sponsorship Coordinator – Mike Marshall

Equipment Coordinator – Heather Scully

Volunteer Coordinator – Doug Bungay

Communications Coordinator – Charles Thompson

Scheduling Coordinator – Julie Roberts

Happy training in the off season.


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My head nearly exploded from the sheer and utter awesomeness that was waiting for me in my inbox. The difference between a fair vs. foul ball (explained by an a certified umpire in uniform). This logo was done by a volunteer looking to flex some graphic design muscle. In other news, have you seen the new logo. What is this infield fly rule exactly.