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By: Eco-yards  09-12-2011

Want to know how to have a beautiful, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance yard that is chemical-free and pesticide-free? This inspiring and practical, well-illustrated green gardening manual includes clear, easy-to-follow instructions for:

* designing and maintaining an eco-friendly yard

* making your yard water-wise and pesticide-free

* understanding making compost and basic soil science (soil micro-organisms)

* replacing your lawn with tree, shrub and flower beds or hardy, low-maintenance grass

* growing vegetables

Visionary, hopeful and encouraging, Eco-yards™ is a must-read for anyone who wants to use environmentally sound practices when they garden, whether in a residential yard or on the balcony of a condo or high-rise apartment. If you're sick of the backyard battle, this book will show you how to work with nature instead of fighting it, using simple steps that apply practically anywhere to turn your yard into an eco-friendly sanctuary.

Eco-yards™ supports the vision of a healthy, abundant planet in which beautiful, richly varied urban yards contribute to restoring the natural ecosystem.

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Paperback - 240 pages, 8 colour pages
Width: 6 Inches x Height: 9 Inches
Weight: 395 Grams
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9780865716827

Note: New Society Publishers has re-published the original edition published by Beauty Way (Laureen Rama’s publishing company) - 1/2 inch larger all around, a few less colour photos and an index.

to view the Table of Contents (PDF)
to view the Introduction & Preface (PDF)
to view Chapter 1 - The Gardener (PDF)
to view a how-to section (PDF) - Making Beds to Replace your Lawn
to view a science section (PDF) - Soil: A Feeding Frenzy

"Laureen Rama has produced one of the finest books I have seen on how to garden in ways that restore the health of the soil and invite nature back into the landscapes where we live. Well-organized, thorough, entertaining, and packed with pertinent information, delightful stories, vivid photos, and instructive illustrations, Eco-yards™ is an instruction manual on how to return to garden and to the sensuous earth itself, where we have always belonged. Laureen's chapter on soil life alone makes this book worth owning. If you have a square foot of soil where you can grow things, read this book and you will find yourself tending it with new care and spirit."

— Trevor Herriot, Author of River in a Dry Land, Jacob's Wound, and Grass, Sky, Song

"Eco-Yards proposes a partnership approach with the garden and inspires homeowners to build peaceful, practical yards.  Rama is a hands-on gardener who explains – in great detail- everything from building soil to creating sustainable landscapes. Read about it here and then get out and practice what Rama preaches."                               

— Donna Balzer, BScA, professional horticulturist and co-host of the internationally broadcast television show Bugs & Blooms.

Are you among the increasing number of homeowners who are seeking alternatives to conventional lawncare practices?  Here is your answer! Eco-yards™ is a gentle, practical and inspiring guide to help you transform your yard into a diverse, healthy and sustainable landscape.

— Myrna Pearman, co-author, NatureScape Alberta: Creating and caring for wildlife habitat at home.

Eco-yards™ is a book that will be really useful to my customers. Eco-yards™ is full of hands-on practical information. It shows step-by-step how to look after yards in an environmentally-friendly way -an excellent book.”

— Shirley Froehlich, Prairie Originals , Supplier of Wildflowers and Native Grasses

Written by an experienced landscaper designer, "Ecoyards"  translates all the design "stuff" into terms you can understand and act upon, and then shows you how to make your yard beautiful, the earth-friendly way.

— Jeff Loewenfels, co-author of Teaming with Microbes: A Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web.

"Laureen's creativity is apparent in the ideas and options she offers, that bubble alongside the main theme of her book. Her feng shui insights, for example, are delightful. Laureen's expertise and enthusiasm shine through on every page. This is the book that gardeners will be eagerly poring over, as they plan their beautiful eco-yards. Thank you for writing this book."

— Sandra Holy, Home Gardener

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